Congenital serfs


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Everyone knows commies had one of the harshest censorships. But russian putinists decided to outstrip even their own bloody predecessors.

Italian writer Gianni Rodari has been praised in USSR for his communism-inspired stuff, particularly “The adventures of Cipollino” tale which was a must-read book for all soviet kids and a popular animated cartoon. But now, not anymore – ruskies are too afraid of revolutions. It’s too complicated to replace all books at once so ruskies decided to begin from theaters – in putinist edition of the “Cipollino” play the vegetable citizens are begging less restrictive laws out of not-so-evil Prince Lemon, instead of overthrowing him as it was in Rodari’s original story.

Those overkill precautions could have been (logically) justified if KGB thug Putin had a foe in Russia to be afraid of. But all he has now is a whole country of drunk zombified untermensch serfs, who are already whacking each other in attempts to demonstrate their slave loyalty.

No other way (Damit Wir leben!)


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During last few weeks, many things kept me from updating my Website. Maybe someday I’ll get the opportunity to tell about all that in detail; for now, here is the another mainstream-crushing publication.

60 years ago, the West embraced the name “Cold War” as excuse to feed restrained red brute with Eastern Europe, keeping the Western one as their demilitarized ally with doubtful warranties of protection. No explanation is needed, why waste own chance and let a vile monstrous creature live under observation is a 99% suicide. But there are no limits for human stupidity. The modern trend changed into even more perverted form: now the monster is cured, armed and set free for “partnership” – a term so loved by all kinds of elitist windbags.

Even if we leave off the suffering of millions of people, betrayed by so-called “civilized world”, left for mercy of the most inhuman and sadistic bolshevist regime (though this action alone deserves the punishment most severe) – Western idea of limited confrontation turned out a total disaster, doomed to fail with extremely painful consequences. First of all, for its unready supporters, “peace and stability” activists who see the war against russian Mordor as ultimate evil.

But how about the PEACEFUL russian invasion without a single shot?

Before this spring, almost no one thought it was possible. The fate of people left behind the unmarked border was even worse than during the Cold War. Not so long ago, refugees from Eastern Bloc could hope for political asylum if they managed to break through the Iron Curtain somehow. Now all they have is mockery, russian-incited persecution and deportation – everything to please the red brute. It was so damn cozy to mock people and send them to death and tortures, trading conscience for fake “stability”, pretending the world is a perfect place where everyone loves each other while not so far away, people are being killed just for their ethnicity… until red thugs broke the pact and returned with their favorite methods to claim Europe again.

Once there was a chance to bring the evil empire down just by strangling it economically, turning cudgel-welding russian orcs into (relatively) harmless beggars which could be kept at bay with minimal guarding force. But now, even if Mr. Reagan come back from his grave it wouldn’t stop mad russian subhumans, who are confident in their impunity just like street thugs in disarmed russian society – thanks to errands of elitist hypocrites whose partnership gone bad so unexpectedly (at least as they’re trying to pretend). There is absolutely no difference between the logic of some thug who is out at the street or the same thug ruling the entire country. Dealing with either of them means to get a guaranteed backstabbing.

What the West has now is a result of long-term suicidal dealings with thuggish country that surpassed all totalitarian regimes ever existed in this world. During 1940s, this deal was called “fight against the Nazism”. Now – “international partnership for peace and safety”.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I wonder what are feelings of those who are getting repeatedly fooled for decades, trying to make other people believe they must enjoy it.

russian-wayThe original caption says “The only and unique way of russian ape”. But “The only and unique way of dumbass russophile” fits here as well.

The Ukrainian Maidan is the last thing standing between weak infantile Europe and the mad horde of subhuman bolshevist creatures, who will never forgive Ukrainians their will to become free – just like they didn’t forgive Hungarians, Poles, Georgians… All reasonable talks and statements are useless. No matter how hard Maidan activists try to explain they have no ethnic prejudice – they will always be “evil Bandera Nazis” for congenital russian slaves.

Only a brainwashed fool can believe that russian government is so concerned about its countrymen, who have less rights in their own land than a stateless person in poor banana republic (and regularly murdered in thousands “just by the way” – infamous 1941 Dniproges demolition, which resulted in catastrophic flood, 19 hostage order and torch-men campaign are just three of those examples). All they care about is their perverted world domination dreams, which perfectly match for thug dictator Putin and each of his drunken lowlife slaves despite the difference between their wealth – that’s why the Maidan will never happen in Russia. As commies used to say, “people and party are united!”

Even the Nazism looks like Justice compared to everyday existence of russian subhumans. There are a whole row of videos (use the link in menu above) enough to plug any of hired or just brainless russophiles. Here are a couple of other examples.

This is the conversation between 2 untermensch diplomats.

And this is how common ruskies are celebrating expansion of their shiteland – now they have an entire Crimea more to shit in.

I wonder what will sissy Europeans do when they encounter this horde – scream about human rights or try to stop ruskies with hippie slogans and pink teddy bears?

Russian untermenschen call themselves “proprietors of traditional morality” and “God-bearing nation”. At least the first thing is true – their “morality” of drunk cattle debauchery, pantless pride and ape copulation followed by sleep in own vomit mixed with crap is older than Russian Tsarist Empire.

ONCE AGAIN, I’ll repeat for those who didn’t get it: neither putinists, nor their oldfart commie predecessors who are still praised by miserable dying russian elderly. I’m speaking about 140 millions of inbred subhuman creatures created by generations of genocide, of whom 80% are incurable stalinist-putinist fanatics and the remaining 20% are no better. Only a few people of non-russian spirit, living in never-ending nightmare from birth till death, are desperately trying to oppose this filth here.

Russe_muss_sterben“The russian must die, so that we live.”

No one knows for sure if it’s a genuine photo or another piece made in NKVD to spook the West with scary tales about “evil German Nazis who planned to kill everyone”. But those words had been confirmed as genuine truth, and those who did it were neither Germans nor Nazis. Indeed, they were fighting against Germany and overpowered it just to turn Eastern Europe into red hellhole. Yes, don’t be confused – I mean ruskies here.

They not only trampled on Freedom which the West was trying to implant so carefully, BTW spending their own money and efforts to turn those subhuman slaves into people having enough nukes to just wipe them out. But despite all those smart-ass errands full of hope for better life in Russia, after the 1990s liberation russians returned to their KGB dictatorship, world domination plans, invasion wars and genocide, spreading hatred and slander about anyone who makes even a slightest attempt to resist, destroying everything civilized, pure and humane wherever they are coming. No matter in horde or small groups – russians are spread their filth like contents of burst sewage line.

Now, the civilized world must either face the truth, debunk its self-restraining KGB made myths, call things with their own names and restore the Justice (without childish fear to be hurt) by destroying the russian abomination while it is still possible – or perish in gruesome tyranny of neo-bolshevist Russia which will become everywhere.

There is no other way left.

KGB asshole


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The leader of untermensch nation, murderous KGB thug and war criminal Putin is looking forward to use human shields in Ukraine.

And who is the “extremist” and “fascist” now, huh? Don’t want to show how you care for human rights, you liberal human right activists?

All people who have conscience and at least a couple of ounces of gray matter already understood the essence of Russia long ago. Only sold-out lackeys or drunk imbeciles can praise this country of subhuman commie filth.

THIS is all the difference between ruskies and people in a single picture!


Dzhokhar’s wisdom


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The heroic Chechen insurgents have been condemned by Western hypocrites, who chose to be friends with bloody KGB thug Putin. And instead of their fake “peace”, they so “unexpectedly” got a neo-soviet empire which threatens the entire world with its orkish army, trying to reclaim the lands it once enslaved.

In this video recorded in early 90s, the President of The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Dzhokhar Dudaev, gives a stern warning on planned russian aggression against the Urkaine and entire Western world. Now, the words of wise warrior had come true…

The West is paying for own cowardice and treason it committed against the true Heroes. But it still has some time left to embrace the Truth and prepare for ultimate battle against the red Mordor.

Subtitles must be activated manually. If you can’t see the video here (embedding works not very smooth and the problem is still unresolved by support teams), watch it on my channel.

Price of the Freedom


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The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

-Thomas Jefferson

Everyone loves to be free. In those ambidextrous times – especially in ways that have nothing in common with original Liberty ideas (a top trend is to “marry” person of own gender or change own sex). If asked, any auditorium will stand up as one with cheers to show their support for Freedom. Mostly without understanding of this word.

Because if asked, are they ready to DIE or KILL for their own Freedom, folks will demonstrate a completely different reaction. No one wants to get hands dirty or go six feet under, preferring elitist hypocrite attitude to blabber about non-violent conflict resolution, XXI century, peace, peace, peace…

Looks like oh-so-non-violent junkies either know nothing from History, growing up in special isolated breeding house or just on high with some hard bullshit. There is no other way to explain a complete lack of awareness about rise of the most dangerous enemy for the Liberty – neo-soviet Russia ruled by KGB thug, for whom even the entire world will be never enough.

After the rebirth of KGB power in 2000, neo-soviet aggression towards Europe had been only a matter of time. What’s worse, it was brought even closer by disastrous politics of “soft power” and showoff weakness. If only a few people knew this in careless 1990s, now there is completely no excuse for such an ignorance. And no forgiveness to those who allowed the russian brute to recover. A couple of decades ago, a simple demonstration of strength was enough to keep russians at bay without a single drop of civilized blood. But now they believe that the world is their playground for traditional red genocide, using each opportunity to enforce neo-soviet regime worldwide, obsessed with mad slave fanaticism.

Politicians may deny the Cold War in fear for their own careers, but it doesn’t change eternal commie intentions in any way. Giving up one country after another from its area of influence in desperate attempts to please the red brute, Western leaders achieved their goal of russian satisfaction. But instead of stopping, Russia just wants more and more. With the same success, one can try to talk axe-welding maniac down, coming at him with raised bare hands. But if just a dumbass won’t lose more than his head with not very valuable brain, the dumbass leader has a whole country to be butchered.

Russians have a deeply corrupt criminal logic, which will always exist in this world despite all politically correct bullshit. There will be bad guys, and there will be good guys. Papers aren’t gonna work against physical aggression. To stop a thug, a gun or a rope is needed. Otherwise, the scumbag will go out again and again for more “fun”, laughing at all those fancy laws. Just like russian thug dictator Putin, who was about to “have fun” in Ukraine, but this time got his commie ass kicked instead.

Whacking some opposition hipsters isn’t a big deal. Especially in Russia, where the patience and slavery are congenital features of serf “opposition” minority as well as of lowlife stalinist serf orcs (80% of population). If someone would try and throw a stone at uniformed criminals in Russia, he (or she) will be immediately denounced by “human right activists” as “extremist” deserving a lockdown and straightjacket.

The main russian rule of protest is go fighting with hands tied behind own back. Unfortunately, trendy mainstream Western liberalism, created by a bunch of elitists with no common sense, who NEVER encountered anything really tough in their miserable existence, supposes the same thing through slightly other guidelines – and that’s why “progressive” West loves russian protesting serfs so much. Get in guarded pigstall, denounce the dictator with censored slogans and be whacked – that’s cool’n’trendy for them. Especially when tremendous amounts of money for this farce are being donated by cheerful hipster crowd or taken from tax collections. I’ll return to this matter later on, speaking about Ukrainian events I’d like to tell about.

It’s ironic how one’s megalomania can lead to complete demise. All asshole buddies of KGB dictator Putin always inherit a considerable part of his thuggish self-confidence, hence a good start kick for own psychopathy, becoming a kind of poor copies of their master.

If commie lackey Yanukovich only followed European directions, after a few years he could give the EU-doped green-ridden weakened Ukraine to his KGB master without any hassle, celebrating the “glorious” reunion together with infamous commie whore Merkel (who hates “extremists” as much as ruskies do). But, unable to wait, mad thug Putin whipped his dog Yanukovich into crazy action – russian dictator wanted the Ukraine now and here, during his “olympic” genocide showoff games.

Used to deal with slaves, russian goons were looking forward to trample down the Ukrainian protest quick and easily. But “surprisingly”, each new step of Yanukovich’s commie gang was escalating a new wave of national rage. Instead of peaceful Euro-hipsters, they got a huge angry insurgent army under command of volunteering veterans, well-ordered, armed with captured weapons and military-grade equipment – came really in handy when the real war broke out.

Oh yes, I can almost hear how mad hipsters are screaming about “evil violence-mongers”. Knowing what really the power of commie thugs is, I see their indignation as nothing more than childish frustration over canceled sweets. But I still wonder how one is able to live that long without realizing this is the REAL world? How handicapped the brain must be to even think that thug dictator will run away crying from posters and slogans?

The triumph of the Right Sector (Pravyi Sektor) and self-defense militia, condemned by elitist windbags so much for their (only actionworthy) methods, demonstrated who was right and who was wrong, leaving no more points for smart-ass arguments. Especially if one will compare the land of Cossacks with serf Russia.

The Freedom can be painful to achieve. But those who are scared to go this harsh way, don’t deserve the result. Neither having a right to teach others what to do, and gutless “lawful opposition” (lead by Klichko, Tyagnybok, Yatsenyuk) learned it the hard way, despite the support by some Western politicians who tried to show like they care – just no more than it was permitted by the modern liberalist non-violence trend. (For those who don’t know: their attempts to negotiate with bloody russian-made neo-soviet regime, which they continued even AFTER the mass murders, have been condemned by the entire Maidan.)

Some activists with an idealistic approach are hoping for the Maidan-inspired protests in Russia that will put an end to KGB dictator’s power. Nice thought, but very wrong. No one can import a Freedom in land, populated by lowlife spawn of slaves and criminals. Even the Napoleon failed to do so, trying to convert russian serfs into free farmers. This happened long before the soviet genocide which finally eliminated the few civilized people here. Modern russian subhumans have neither conscience nor Dignity – a key for ANY protest. Those who are deprived of self-esteem consider humiliation absolutely normal, having no personal reason to end it, therefore, rejecting any human motivation, completely unable and unwilling to make any changes for the better life.

The Ukrainian protesters had neither human right activists with their worldwide advertisement campaigns nor colossal funds behind them – contrary to russian slave opposition, which is getting its help from the West for many years already, but all russian activists do is working as speaking punching bags for money, saying certified “Ouch” each time getting a wallop from Putin’s thugs. The West watches it in attention and gives regular cheers as the performance is going on.

If only 10% of all money, involved in those useless “human rights” campaigns overblown all over the world, could be invested into weapons and common sense development, russian threat would have become History in few weeks. The reality of modern Ukraine proved that in real life in EUROPEAN country, leaving no opportunity for “evil Muslim terrorists” bullshit, like it was in Syria, where anti-dictator uprising was denounced as “jihadist rebellion” of “some hotheads” by brainless russophiles who repeated KGB-RT street organ tune.

Even without assistance of the official “civilized” world (especially the EU that was supposed to be the closest Euro-Maidan ally), Ukrainians have been able to stand up against murderous russian-backed regime with its horde of lowlife orkish supporters. They were just helped by individuals who really cared for their own future in civilized life. Sometimes with money (I’m proud to be one of those supporters), sometimes with stuff, a friend’s hand during harsh times or just homemade food.

Success of the Maidan is not in its political attitude, which is a rare example of a true diversity. Started by some EU-oriented hipsters, it turned into nationwide movement of armed resistance because people of completely different opinions just didn’t want to live like cattle, be beaten, hunted down and killed by red thugs for “fun”. They got tired of dependency from Russia and all its “gifts”: corruption, caste society, crime, terror… So instead of listening sissy opposition politicians, who apparently felt nothing against using their supporters as living targets for police thugs, Ukrainians acted like only like a truly free and brave man can act.

103245_2How about trying to whack THOSE people? Feeling not so brave anymore, ruskie assholes?

By the way, Maidan protesters were always supported by the Church. That’s the answer to all of you “non-violent” religious merchants of conscience from CAF and places like that. Regardless of the Faith, one has a permanent right to protect oneself and own country against murderous russian commie scum, calling things with their own names.

Speaking about true names, one must see “glorious” russian deeds. Check this post also if you didn’t read it before.

And listen this.

The video features a fragment of intercepted radio conversation between russian snipers, sent as a help from dictator Putin to spot and kill protester leaders. Looks like ruskies weren’t even caring about secure connections anymore, confident in their impunity. But that didn’t work. Some of those FSB scumbags were caught and lynched right at the spot. The best way to get rid of commie rats, who will undoubtedly try to hide behind “human rights”.

It’s hard to miss how commie nation is scared now. Their mass media went crazy about “evil Bandera Nazis who gonna come in Russia” for a tough showdown, pro-russian party of regions (followed mostly by dirty spawn of NKVD “settlers” whom commies always imported to populate conquered lands, devastated by genocide) is shrinking with every hour, the top commie lackey Yanukovich ran away – no one can tell for sure where to. His aircraft had been spotted landing at U.S. Military base in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, but the lackey himself claims to be in Kharkiv.

His “Berkut” goons are no better. If caught by insurgents, they just wet their pants – naturally. Or do this even at sight encountering angry protesters. That’s why their CO was providing each thug with a diaper in the beginning. (This is NOT a joke.) Looks like they ran out of Pampers when things became a little tougher…

But gathered together, those armored pee-pants untermensch assholes are “brave” enough to beat a pregnant woman until she suffers a miscarriage, torture a protester for “fun” or set fire to the building used as hospital. Ruskies will always be ruskies and must be dealt with accordingly. A good old roadside gallows is only place those subhuman creatures belong to.

Trying to besmear Ukrainian people with traditional commie bullshit on RT, russian apes ended up throwing their own crap at themselves. Under the russian-made label “true Ukrainian patriots”, all one could see is a bunch of old fart commies backed by drunk “titushki” paid thugs, few of whom are able to combine their poor set of words into a simplest sentence without russian “mat”.

I won’t give any links to their propaganda – if you want to check, this crap is all around the Web.

Someone still considers it possible to have civilized negotiations with murderous commie subhumans, pretending to be a top of human evolution, a supernatural creature that can resolve each trouble without “violence”. Don’t know about smart-ass theories, but there is something very hard to argue with. The human nature has permanent features, aren’t likely to change in the next few centuries. The good, the bad and the ugly ones, as old as this world. Restraining the good guys with “non-violence” politics won’t make any good to anyone except of bad guys who aren’t used to bother themselves with morality, and being out of victims, will go whacking their defenders who cared about their rights so much. Impunity is a guaranteed future crime, bigger each other time. And the wisdom of generations, who already knew the values of Liberty, is NOT gone, despite the foolish errands of some politically correct jesters, whose trying to pretend the evident things don’t exist can only show either a misunderstanding of own existence, or deliberate fooling of everyone.

Those who took the Liberty away aren’t going to give it back because of just some peaceful protest. By the way, “peaceful protest” in countries like the United States, where the people already went through natural stage of war for their Freedom and have the Second Amendment now, is something very different from the peaceful protest in post-soviet russian-ridden environment.

All dictators are afraid of deadly force possessed by people. No wannabe tyrant in his own mind will even try to usurp the power in such a society (without disarming it first). But if it was already done upon some unfortunate disarmed people, than the tyrant can be deposed ONLY with the deadly force. The price will be steep, but nothing in this world can exceed the value of human Dignity, still inaccessible in the other way.

The new chapter of Ukrainian history only begins during those days, written by fire of uprising and blood of its heroes. Nobody can tell will this land rise up from the ruins, fall overpowered by mad nuke-welding neo-soviet monster or become a first battlefield of the inevitable war.

But the one thing is certain: Ukrainian Maidan gave a lesson to everyone. First of all, to the sissified self-humiliating West spoiled with its fake safety, reminding it of a true price of the Freedom.

As a conclusion, I want you to watch this video. After you hit the Play button, stand up to honor the memory of the fallen Heroes – the people who weren’t afraid of war against the ultimate evil named russism.

And now, finally ask yourself.




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Looks like twitter is in need of re-branding. Shitter will do. And the bird needs to be changed, preferably for one from the glorious russian COA.


Allowing ruskies to shit all over network, but suspending accounts for impartial plain news is called COMMIE CENSORSHIP. Congrats, assholes! Comrade Putin will be definitely pleased and give you a personal privilege to kiss his own commie ass.

Decay or rebirth?


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Days of decay, or rebirth of the European Union?

European brothers. This is a cry of despair from the rank and file activist of Maidan, a participant of bloody events at the heart of Ukraine – Kyiv. The EU has not seen rallies of the scale which took place in Kyiv, in support of joining the EU. Pro EU rallies take place now in Ukraine, while the EU had seen numerous protests within to exit the EU.

Common Europeans follow events in Kyiv. They, perhaps, as well as Ukrainians, ask themselves a question: why EU officials express only verbal support to Ukrainians and no actions? They probably harbour questions, that the EU was formed not for the better future for the European nations, but for geopolitical games with other countries? We, Ukrainians, have started falling under this impression… Truly, the destiny of not only Ukraine, but of the whole European Union depends on future actions of EU officials! What would common Europeans think if they see that EU bureaucrats have abandoned Ukraine at the mercy of imperial tyranny of Kremlin and Putin? They may well think that as a result of backstage geopolitics their country might befall the same fate.. The biggest moral default of European Union will be abandoning Ukraine. Therefore, European diplomacy with its values and democracy will become really depreciated.

Hence, personal targeted sanctions against the Yanukovich regime – oligarchs and their families (whose children, cynically, study in EU, not in Russia!), government ministers and parliamentarians loyal to the regime, all responsible for scores of deaths throughout the country is the only way which not just stop the bloodshed in Ukraine, but will save and revive the EU!

With hope for our common victory, Oleksandr Aronets, EuroMaidan activist.

Discussion on Facebook.

Niedergang oder Wiederbelebung der Europäischen Union?

Brüder Europäer. Dieser Aufschrei den gewöhnlichen Aktivist auf Maidan – Blutbad im Herzen der Ukraine – Kiew. Die Europäische Union hat noch nie Demonstrationen dieser Größe, um die Integration in die EU zu unterstützen, gesehen. Demonstrationen für der EU finden in der Ukraine statt, in der Zeit, als in die EU selbst wurde wiederholte gehaltenen Aktien für den Rücktritt aus der EU. Gewöhnliche Europäer folgen die Ereignisse in Kiew.

Auch sie, wie auch der Ukrainern fragen sich, warum die europäischen Beamten helfen nur mit Worten, aber nicht mit Aktion. Sie haben Fragen, vielleicht die EU ist nicht für eine bessere Zukunft für europäischen Nationen,vielleicht nur um ihre Länder für den Einsatz in geopolitischen Zwecken? Zumindest hier, in der Ukraine,haben gerade einen solchen Eindruck . In der Tat, die weitere Vorgehen der europäische Beamten bestimmen das Schicksal nicht nur der Ukraine, sondern auch der gesamten Europäischen Union! Was werden Europäische Bürgern denken, wenn sie sehen, dass EU-Beamte haben die Ukraine im Stich, für den asiatischen Despotie Kaiser Kreml und Putin gelassen? Sie denken, dass in geopolitischen Arrangements auch deren Land könne ähnliche erwarten . Wenn die EU die Ukraine zu Russland übergibt , wird es ein moralischer Tiefstpunkt in Europa. Und dann die “Penny-Preis” der europäischen Werte, Demokratie und ganze der europäischen Diplomatie .

Daher sind die persönlichen Sanktionen gegen blutigen Janukowitsch Regimes – Oligarchen und deren Familien, die Kinder, den Abgeordneten und Ministern, die für den Tod von Dutzenden von Menschen verantwortlich sind, studieren in der EU, aus irgendeinem Grund nicht in Moskau – ein Weg, der nicht nur das Blutvergießen in der Ukraine stoppen kann, sondern auch kann retten und beleben die EU!

Wir freuen uns auf unseren gemeinsamen Sieg , Euromaidan Aktivist Alexander Aronets.

My opinion:

Once started as hippe-esque peaceful pro-European protest, by now the Maidan had evolved into its natural and only viable form. Sad, but true: “pro-European” does NOT mean “anti-soviet” anymore.

United Europeans fall – divided they MAY stand. The EU had been designed as the submissive USSR-like leftist confederation to suppress the spirit of each participant country, being controlled from Moscow through global warming and political correctness scams. With European traditions of obedience, this works just perfectly here.

The crucial fact they most likely won’t realize is the significance of Ukrainian nationalism as the frontier of physical resistance against russian Mordor. Battered and mutilated by red thugs more than once, the country of Cossacks still has national spirit much more than the entire EU, populated by castrated sheeple, living in fear to hurt feelings of red horde, cultivating elitist bullshit propaganda on “Nazi thugs”.

But if, God forbid, the Ukraine shall suffer defeat in this war, it won’t be too long until the unholy russian flag will be raised above the Lisbon.

Commie News Network


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CNN turned out to be very caring about russian commie subhumans, doing exactly what they say. After their ironic “Wolrld’s ugliest monuments” story caused uproar amongst ruskies, politically correct CNN lackeys hurried to purge it and apologize before the nation of criminals. (The original text is still available at the Voice of Lanka.) And of course, to praise the Asslicking Shames (“olympic” games), following the sacred cow trend.

cnn_commie_news_network_oval_decalCommie News Network. The worldwide leader in the neo-soviet censorship!

To all supporters of this policy. Stop your worshiping for several minutes, turn on your castrated brains, open some Web translator (there is never enough time to learn the language of your idols, huh?) and read what your beloved ruskies are barking about you, your women, your countries and especially your bend-over kick-me politicians, whose submissive skills are far better than yours.

welcome_to_runetMaybe then you’ll get enough wits to stop responding with ass-kissing to bashing, trampling and crap-throwing.

P.S. By the way, the city of Brest belonged to Poland, but was seized by russian orc invaders, as well as many other European cities. It would have been very justifiable to return lands to their native civilized owners and recycle all commie idols into rubble. Especially when they’re ugly like that one.


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