Commie beer anyone?


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Russian lackey Wolff will definitely punch himself in envy, watching new “Potyemkin village”-styled russian beer commercial with a top celebrity asslicker David Duchovny who outperformed Wolff with BS so old and trashed that even ruskies must get drunk to believe it.

Scumbag is quick to change sides between Ukraine and Russia. Even quicker than EU politicians, trained to bend over.

Hey you commie-loving elitist libtard! How about you buy one-way ticket to your beloved cattleland, kiss Putin’s KGB terrorist ass together with your drunk commie swine colleague Depardieu and BE PROUD OF the most recent russian showoff in Ukraine?


Result of russophilia (18+)


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This gallery contains 13 photos.

I have completely no pleasure publishing those Boeing crash site photos (collected from dedicated Ukrainian websites and Twitter accounts), but …

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Destination GULAG


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“If the West will be silent and therefore agreed with aggression of Moscow, soon the Europe will become just one of russian internal affairs”.

-Dzhokhar Dudaev

Leaving alone certain names and places, try to answer a simple question.

There are two counties, for now just A and B. Country A does everything to please B: banishes B’s regime enemies and deports them back to B for tortures and harassment, supports B’s economical and military development, prohibits discussion of B’s past war crimes, welcomes family members of B state administration responsible for at least three invasion wars. When (at least, though everything points out to something more) told to be silent about the elimination of own opposition who are long-term adversaries to B, A gladly agrees. As if it wasn’t bad enough, A disarms its citizens, spreads official propaganda where weakness and perversions are proclaimed top ideals (while traditional manliness, women’s beauty, dignity etc. condemned as evil). Finally, A makes basic human activities forbidden or so difficult to achieve they are nothing more than caste privileges, so pitiful common people waste most of their personal time to overcome troubles created by tzar officials, perfectly happy with government they have or just not thinking about it, perfectly happy with hippie mentality. Then B murders some of those A’s common people in one of its traditional terrorist acts, having completely no fear of responsibility before A…

The question is, can anyone call country A independent and safe for its own citizens?

As you maybe already guessed, A and B aren’t fictional at all.

Until this Thursday, relations between sissy libtard authoritarian EU and neo-soviet totalitarian Russia bothered almost no one except of a few true dissidents, Chechen freedom fighters and maybe some Ukrainian activists, who begun to join this party of denials recently.

The relations between reformed Ukraine and EU were crucial for many Ukrainians during the Maidan revolution – much more than for Europeans, who were caring only about showoff silent “stability”. Now, people finally start to realize a true price of “European dream”, an ugly creation of commie whore Merkel and her castrate buddies.

How stupid one must be to call EU members “free countries”? The new Europe where people do not have even a right for own life anymore? The question of life and death belongs to bunch of bloodthirsty russian terrorist maniacs, commie subhuman scum. When those thugs were murdering and harassing people who escaped from Russia, especially Chechnya, no one cared, trying to keep “good relations”, following putinist demands no matter how absurd they were, sucking on gas lines from red East. Too bad this little cozy “everybody loves everybody” show with concealed butchery ended so painfully for the mainstream – but that’s already a natural law, working despite all BS.

EU is just like a WV hippie van with KGB lackey behind the wheel. Everyone is jolly and happy, smoking weed, having “free love” – enough fun for the entire trip. The problem is, even the longest road must end somewhere. And the “fun” route of hippie-esque EU, planned within Lubyanka walls, has a very certain destination.

Fruits of Impunity


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Terror, grief, calls for “investigation”. And rare sparks of common sense, not extinct despite of long mockery and harassment campaign by russian lackeys worldwide. This is the picture of common opinions this day, bloodstained with another russian war crime.

“Scumbags from DNR (pro-russian “people’s rebublic of Donetsk”) were taking chains, rings etc. from corpses, stealing roadcases. Those sons of bitches will burn in Hell!” _Yana_P

Having confirmation of “you-know-who” analyst visits to my Website, I can’t miss an opportunity to say a personal word for them.

Are you satisfied now, smart-asses? Still wanna continue “alliance” against non-existent threats, let ruskies shower your country with commie BS and worship sacred cows made in KGB, calling people Nazis for word of truth?

Silencing russian crimes and handing over Lech Kaczynski to bloodthirsty neo-soviet Mordor apparently was not enough for Putin’s satisfaction. Instead of calming down, ruskies so unexpectedly went completely mad, demanding more and more blood of innocents. Russian genocide in Chechnya was a maturing ground for neo-bolshevist rabid dogs like Girkin (Strelkov) and Bezler (Bes), unleashed on Ukraine by their KGB master Putin. Not during Crimea invasion or separatist campaign. They already announced their presence during Maidan revolution with tortures and murders. What the Hell you guys were thinking? Maybe that KGB top dog needed those henchmen as personal volleyball team?

Now, Ukraine is only a beginning of the new russian invasion whose plans have much more than Europe. Looks like some of you are completely unable to make logical conclusions out of relations between past and present, believing KGB asshole Putin like a 5-year-old retard believes his molester.

I gonna tell you a little “secret”, which isn’t much a secret for anyone who got some real life. You are trying to bargain with thugs who have no slightest idea about dealing. No matter how smart you are in plans for future, you will always end up stabbed, robbed and mocked, unless you start calling things with own names and stop treating thugs like heroes (and vice versa).

Crime is crime. Terrorism is terrorism. And your so-called “partners in global counter-terrorist war” are just bunch of nuke-welding KGB commie asshole thugs who laugh at your stupidity.


Looks like untermenschen are strong enough again for their usual hobby of shooting civil aircraft (for those who forgot: Korean Air Lines 007, 1983; Korean Air Lines 902, 1978; Aero O/Y OH-ALL, 1940). Or, what seems more likely now, the West is weak enough. Murdering Lech Kaczynski and his Government, ruskies got undocumented 100% impunity which is, in fact, a genuine russian dream (so don’t worry, libtards, ruskies have no reason to falsify statistics anymore. Those who live in Russia now are truly happy with their commie pigstall). There is no need to remind what comes next after such kind of “amusement”.

What can I say as conclusion? I’ve already said everything about russian Mordor and its incurable subhuman population long before this terrorist attack, or war in Ukraine, or even the Maidan events took place. If someone preferred to keep his head deep in own ass listening to elitist BS, it’s their own fault.

From Russia With Shite: Intro


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Russia may have its industry deep where the sun doesn’t shine. But until last of ruskies will get a deserved rope, they possess a guaranteed manufacture which needs no machinery and works better than anything in Russia.

One should admit that almost every living creature has to do it occasionally as mandatory part of life cycle. But only ruskies (and some apes) consider it a lifestyle and method of interaction. Russian innovation here was taking it as proof how “great, god-bearing, highly moral” their nation is. Like nation, like morality.

978Russian power always was an illusion, overblown by useful idiots worldwide and guaranteed by mainstream weakness. In Ukraine, ruskies were brave only until facing organized resistance. Now all they can do is try to hide behind civilians (according to official doctrine of their asshole leader), run away with crapped pants, get deserved lead anyway and be buried in roadside muck. Or go full-auto in only truly russian art shown above. This became especially hard to miss when commies got their asses blasted in Eastern Ukraine – hysteria of their fellow comrade bullshitters was much louder than joy over “liberated Crimea”.

The last thing could be amusing if russian subhumans were locked down is some kind of zoo behind armored glass and concrete walls, with barbed wire and machinegun posts by perimeter. But unfortunately, they still possess civilized equipment to abuse and free outbound access to World Wide Web to shower unsuspecting Westerners with their… “brand product”.

I’ve already mentioned how the West begins to notice evident things (at least, after years of brainless one-way “partnership”). But it’s still a politically correct mainstream, which never reveals a true picture for those who are too afraid of calling things with own names.

In the next few publications, I will share unique experience of native (dissident) anti-russist community, whose members, despite being outnumbered by a horde of russian mercenary and natural trolls, demonstrate a perfect example of resistance and cleanness in the modern world of double standards, where the (bull)shit is not considered one if made by untouchable putinist commies. It’s time to blast this vicious “tradition” and despicable commie lackeys who try to enforce it.

Russian rats


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This is a russian flyer from Simferopol, Crimea.

982Is says:

“Citizens of Russia!!!


Though the peace was established at our land, there are still some scumbags left, who are longing for chaos, disorder, war…

And they live amongst us, make shopping in same places, use the same public transport…

You may know individuals, who were against returning Crimea to Russian Federation or participated in regional “Maidan”.

Such individuals must be immediately reported to FSB, located at the address: Simferopol, Franco blvd, 13

or by phone, call 37-42-76 (anonymity is possible).

We must stop the fascism!”

Russian bolshevism with complete set of its subhuman features is not an ideology – it is a congenital nature. If even just one ruskie stukach survives deserved nuking of their commieland, he will most likely rat on himself as “evil Nazi warmonger, capitalist spy, public enemy and American mercenary”.

Shitter (update)


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Looks like twitter is in need of re-branding. Shitter will do.

Allowing ruskies to shit all over network, but suspending accounts for impartial plain news is called COMMIE CENSORSHIP. Congrats, assholes! Comrade Putin will be definitely pleased and give you a personal privilege to kiss his own commie ass.

June 27 update:

Now Twitter officially admitted its full cooperation with ruskies. I wonder how long it will be until they invite Putin’s dogs to control their headquarters?


Estonian tradition


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News from land of lackeys named Estonia. A gang of drunk russian chavs who were wandering around Tallinn together with their leader, Putin’s whelp film director Govorukhin, assaulted a couple from Ukraine for question about Crimea. (Source) No arrests were made and by European tradition, no one of ruskie perpetrators will be punished.

Like country, like its “elite”. Always brave in crowds against disarmed people, but crapping pants if they encounter armed resistance. In Estonia, any “tibla” chav feels here like home, cause gun permit is a caste privilege issued by russian asshole officials and assault is not considered a crime, if committed by ruskie untermensch.

Hey you, frozen dimwit commie-loving Baltic ass-kissers! You think NATO will save your slow asses? Then I gonna bring a little disappointment in. No one will risk his life for those who don’t want to do anything themselves. You’ll end up in putinist GULAG. Camp toilets need cleaning and you just belong to russian latrine duty.


Russian nostalgia


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Those sushki (russian tea breads) aren’t like the rest in Russia. It’s anniversary GULAG edition, a must-chew for each true patriot of eternal commieland!

gulagfutterThe label says:

Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, Samara region

120 years



Production founded in 1933


Convicts were rewarded by such sushki packages

for honest labor

for the benefit of the socialist motherland

A word for ruskies who may read this.

Don’t worry, untermenschen. Soon you’ll get what you want and praise your beloved dictatorship from behind barbed wire for worshiping thug Putin not good enough, just like it happened with your stalinist ancestors in 1930s. And don’t forget to try harder here – GULAG sushki and “putinka” vodka are gonna be a real luxury in Siberia.


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