From Russia With Shite: A Story So Far


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My apologies to regular readers for the delay in this promised publication. Recent events were serious enough to distract me (and everyone else), but not to make me forget. The need to return to this matter arises again – even stronger than before.

This article is an attempt to share must-have dissident experience accumulated during the rise of neo-soviet regime in the Internet. As it’s very hard for the reader unfamiliar with daily life in Russia to understand everything at once, the information will come in logcally ordered parts.


You may be not old enough to remember how the World Wide Web came around, but thanks to technological slowdown traditional for Russia, I’ve managed to see the world of computers literally growing from imported seeds before my own eyes, without being as old as WWW.

The school where I had my studies possessed only one computer with Internet access. Its single dial-up modem had been regularly taken by teacher “for preservation” to her home. There was no LAN at all. The best of classroom computers were battered Pentium II-based machines with pirated software, which looked like wonders of technology compared to common 486s abused to near-wreck condition. Without “special” connections, no one could hope for more than 2 hours of laboratory access per week and even this quota was questionable as some of machines wouldn’t start at all, forcing almost everyone to share workplace with mate(s). Most of teen ruskies had a little interest in computer though, preferring vodka/drugs “social networking” in dirty alleys. Internet was a businessman’s tool and a geek’s shelter. That was Moscow, the beginning of 21st century! (And a typical russian school, they have no educational segregation like in U.S.)

Nevertheless, comparing those times with modern reality one can see it wasn’t that bad. At least roadside drunk that Russia was 15 years ago isn’t a thug that modern Russia is.

In wrong hands, things originally supposed to enhance life can’t bring any good. Made into caste privileges and/or tools of repressions, technology ends up finally turned against its own creators. This happened in each and every repressive society, and Russia has become a champion of this abuse. Technology and thugs equals disaster.

The most ironic thing here is a calamitous result of Western 1990s campaign to turn criminal subhuman society into “democratic” country. Obviously, they forgot that giving human items to apes does NOT turn them into humans.

When ruskie gets a car (and driving license for traditional bribe), his usual “fun” is get blind drunk and drive like blindfolded madman with predictable results. Getting a gun (being a caste privilege in Russia, handguns are available only to “police” thugs, licensed security, military officers and government), he exercises target practice on someone whom he just doesn’t like. Or, if it’s a yokel who can afford only a shotgun (rifles are allowed only after 5 years of shotgun possession), he blasts his own family members after vodka warm-up. In a typical russian village where I spent several summers, such things happened in every next generation of natives. Internet, which has become a natural part of daily life for the civilized world, is not an exception. Continue in your imagination what happens if ruskie gets his ape paws on a device with modern, fast Internet connection.

Many ruskies even admit those things – non-directly, of course. They praise Soviet era as time of “order and stability”. There really was a bit more of that, but only because all things were damn hard to get or repair. One who wrecked his car couldn’t hope for same-week replacement even being a communist party member. In general, untermenschen just had much less things to abuse.


Like kingpin, like bitch


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Street scum, fag with underage experience, looter, thief, imbecile drunkard and just big walking piece of shit – a nice bio to boast with.

Are you surprised? I’m not. Russia is a world septic where this waste belongs.

BTW, stealing from own kind has always been considered one of the lowest things even amongst criminals. Now degenerate ruskies have abandoned those traditions and praise rat Putin as their kingpin, let alone old fat swine-faced commie bitch Depardieu.

If Law and Order existed in Europe, he would be a highly demanded sweetheart for many desperate fellas during a long stay behind bars. Or a crow’s roadside gourmet if all this happened several centuries earlier. But as there is the age of liberalism and “tolerance” towards all kinds of scum, he, just as his scumbag master Putin, enjoys a crowd of brainless admirers.

Trash Bucket Challenge


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Ukrainians deserved a reputation of humorous people. Of course, as everyone else (except for russian serfs), they do not have endless patience but even when they get angry there can be something to laugh at. Or maybe take it as example, especially for EU where russian infiltration and corruption are often not better than in Ukraine, but still no sight of jolly guys to provide russian lackeys with unforgettable experience of unplanned trash diving – literally.

During less than two last weeks…

1. Treacherous “ex-” party of regions activist Grushevsky had a close trash encounter after facing the evidence of his own dirty deeds recovered from Yanukovich’s stronghold;

2. Yanukovich’s lackey Pilipishin got a face full of red paint and was thrown where he belongs;

3. Anti-Maidan deputy Zhuravsky was shoved into dumpster right near the Ukrainian Rada;

4. Corrupt social insurance fund official (who stole money for refugee children) met the same fate in Odessa.

5. There were no dumpsters nearby, so guys just whacked another russian lackey.

6. More involuntary dumpster diving in Kirovograd.

7. If commie trash doesn’t want to come to the dumpster, it can be delivered right to the spot.

Looks like there’s much more to come. Way to go, Ukraine! Next time, it would be better to chain up those dumpsters and send it back to Russia where this subhuman waste belongs!

Sheeple of peace


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The following words are not mine, therefore I was amazed to see something that likely expresses my own opinion.

Peace march” just causes more and more disgust.

“We exist! There was twenty thousand of us, not just five! No, wait, there were eighty thousand of us!”


It was clear that you exist, even without your marches and balloons.

Did your march manage to stop at least one “Grad” strike on Ukraine?

You say, one shouldn’t judge Russia by its scum like Girkin.

But Girkin-esque scumbags don’t have to pass through metal detectors while coming to kill people in Ukraine.

Girkin-esque scumbags aren’t afraid, they act. That’s why it’s right to judge russia so.

Nothing but fear and understanding of own loser attitude forbids you to take apart fences, disperse police formations and set up a camp in Moscow.

Nothing but your own sticky fear forbids you to organize squads and send them to border areas, to prevent murderers from getting into Ukraine.

This would have been a real action. Not walking like sheep, mocked by chavs and police both.

And don’t start your “non-violent resistance” blab. In Russia, this is a direct support of violence.

“At the meeting, I was spat at three times, punched in the face two times, arrested BUT TWO PEOPLE WINKED AT ME, THERE IS MORE AND MORE OF US!”

Keep inflating your balloons. You really exist. And there is no exit.

Ugh… Just disgusting.”

Sergei Turkanu, Moldavian film director


Russian world


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This gallery contains 4 photos.

WARNING! This material contains graphic images, video and detailed descriptions of extreme atrocities committed by DPR/LPR (“novorossiya”) russian terrorists in …

Continue reading

What’s Your Excuse?


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A short story from Ukrainian social network.

“Volunteers called me and said “Machine-gunner needs warm clothing, it’s cold”. So I came. I waited. And then came some young girl. Small and pretty. Said about the call. OK, but where is the machine-gunner himself? How do I know his size?

“But that’s me!”

I just winked in astonishment.



Sparkles flash in her eyes.

“How!? How do you carry all that!? RPK, armor, ammo? Just how!?”

“And two radios, along with medkit for my silly fellow soldiers”.

I turned to salesperson and ordered two sets of thermal underwear.”


Well, women in Ukrainian military are not so rare as author likely used to think. Video reports on preparations (some of them made before the war) show female trainees who announced their noble intentions, and, as we can see now, enforced it.


Or you are on the same side with your lackey officials who already decided to feed russian Mordor with European flesh? Because of those russophile scumbags who rushed to deport me after ritual persecution ordered from Russia, I had to escape your lands before I could manage to stand my ground and join the brave people of Ukraine. Nevertheless, I can handle military stuff and will gladly use my skills on russian subhuman invaders when they come. (So all russophile lackeys who were looking forward to “neutralize” me and please their masters can f%#k themselves now.) But what’s about you? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?


Unbounded Nonsense


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Just marvelous.

Nearly three hundred people are butchered by russian terrorists. (Let alone Ukrainians killed in DNR/LNR and Crimea, but who in this “civilized” world cared about them before?) The whole Europe is about to be devoured by mad russian brute. Ukraine is desperately defending itself and BTW asses of hippie Europeans (who continue screaming about “peace”) with no nukes, mostly still Soviet army stock and catastrophic infiltration. (To be perfectly clear, they got a little help from the U.S. but this isn’t something to change the entire situation. Nevertheless, Ukrainian guys do pretty good for this one.) But some chav means to UN much more than even a solid chance for the entire world to go up in radioactive flames just because crazy ruskies with their thug dictator have another megalomaniac hysteria.

Back in Europe, when I was young and stupid, I tried to complain to UNHCR about mistreatment and multiple violations during asylum proceedings (for example, decisions on my case were made by scumbags who were either ethnic ruskies or kept their families there). And you guess what? My letter to Swedish UNHCR office was answered by another high-rank ruskie asshole (already from Sweden) who said that UNHCR has nothing to do with it and I should complain to local court. Which was in fact under command of aforementioned russian-loving scum, even “judges” there preserved their jobs since times of USSR.

Just another proof of negative need for Unbounded Nonsense the UN is. Since the very moment of its creation, usefulness was quite debatable. Back then, its founders were dumb enough to consider Stalin better than Hitler and recognize murderous commie slaves as civilized nation. Now, with libtards taking over the West, it’s getting even worse.

An ideal world according to UN looks like a Frankenstein made from Detroit gang-ridden slums, putin’s neo-Soviet Russia, African “independent” black racist states and, last but not least, Euro-castrate socialism to power the entire system. Elitist bullshitters definitely gonna have one Hell of a work here: blabbering mawkish statements, condemning resistance against brutality as “brutality”, feeding everyone with taxes pumped out of common sheeple who must sing “everything is fine” UN-approved mantra 24/7.

Many details are still unclear in this last of loud interracial encounters, now pushed into a civil war by both black and white racists, but one thing here is already known for sure. Or has been even before all that.

Those who are the loudest on gun bans/restrictive laws/rights of thugs/etc. either came right directly from street gang, or they can’t imagine a single damn thing about real life, never experiencing what means to encounter ape-like creatures who consider murder, harassment and rape “fun”.

Libtards never learn. Not so long ago, they were mourning death of “poor little 17-years-old kid” Trayvon Martin with a mile-long criminal history, who had nothing against getting on high with cheap street-made drugs, stealing and then assaulting some unfortunate man, slamming his head into sidewalk. Age means very little when crime matters. In this oh-so-civilized 21st century “innocent kids” do things that could disgust even some Wild West desperadoes.

I’ve already said what I think about self-defense, the same comes for preserving Law and Order. You mess with law-abiding people, you get expected response regardless of your ethnicity. Ideally, this rule should be enforced everywhere but in the real world, caste societies stomping on people’s Dignity are majority. Gun-grabbing UN libtards could have been satisfied with things they already have in EU but just as commies, they won’t cool it until they see the last remaining man give up his guns and bow down to them. I’m no American, but I know the difference between being armed and not. Between living in pro-gun, neutral and anti-gun countries. From my own life experience.

So here’s my personal advice to all lovers of ape rules (where big fists decide everything and criminals are “equal” to law-abiding people). Pack your stuff and go to anti-gun commie-loving politically correct Europe. And please, take your beloved chavs with you. You both are welcome here. One can run amok, break into houses, mash people, torture them, kick them to death for “fun” and get away with nothing. Especially being a… well, having a certain skin color. In the worst case (if someone messes up his victim especially nasty or decides to go Breivik), upset officials will provide a taxpayer-funded elite sanatorium (called “prison” in Europe) for continuous rest. But, there is still a little catch: nothing will be guaranteed when ruskies come. Living in hippie libtard society has its own consequences.

When the Right Becomes Red


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A new category: The Resistance. All anti-communist and/or anti-russist materials will be published here from now on.

The following article was originally posted on TFP forum as answer to Mr. Nyquist’s publication The Lie at the Foundation of Today’s Right. I’ve decided to publish it on my personal Website, as it’s the one most fit to be its compendium with thorough explanation of all my political views, which are being interpreted wrongly most of time by those who live in stereotype world or just not willing to see plain things.

Who controls the past controls the future.

-George Orwell

As I already said more than once, what the world has now didn’t come out of nowhere. Neither infiltration of the Right nor weakness of the left-leaning mainstream are things brand new, unless someone completely ignores events of the last century that happened outside of the U.S.A.

It would be just stupid to suppose that KGB tyranny disappeared on its own. Fortunately at least for fellow anti-communists I write this article to, this myth has been already exposed, but the main trouble remains unresolved. I guess many people wonder how a thug country with in fact legislated serfdom and daily life comparable to African dictatorship could regain its world domination potential within about 10 years, getting a horde of supporters worldwide.

This “infiltration” has gone far enough to make a real breakup, so we can already speak about two large right-wing groups. But it’s not the worst outcome – at least, compared to Europe where the putinist right has become a mirror image of the official left and the natural right-wing movement is reduced to a few near-extinct groups, harassed by both leftists and putinists.

This “natural Right” can include individuals of different opinions, some of whom may ever deny their political affiliation, unwilling to join any of existing parties – as myself do. They are united by classic centuries-old honest ideals of human Dignity, Liberty, self-defense, private property etc.

The “corrupt Right” (or infiltrated one) is another story. Their NS-like urge to join into flocks and find a Big Wise Leader to lead towards Happiness prevails upon everything. A perfect environment to find pea-brain followers for the ideology of abominations named russism.

Important digression #1. Despite all changes in mass media towards easy access to all kinds of information, russists don’t even try to conceal their leftist essence. Indeed, they are feeding their supporters worldwide with right and left hands both at the same time. Both of sides feel happy, confident that Putin is a true “savior” of Christian world (or true friend of last “socialist paradise” states). This is an evident indicator of their mental capabilities. Or how it’s easy to buy someone for cheap BS and wad of Lubyanka rubles.

It’s very noticeable that corrupt Right demonstrates extreme intolerance towards natural one, often even more ferocious than diehard leftist fanatics. The most recent example is Ukraine, where the people who just wanted to create a strong independent state (where every ethnicity willing to respect oneself and others is welcome) became a target for BS propaganda campaign of mad putinist assholes, who call themselves “conservatives” and “christians”. Either they are being whipped into this hysteria by promise of better salary from Lubyanka, or this is just panic fear of the “natural Right” emerge, which will make all putinist corruption evident, and their lackeys get deserved total contempt, which means one-way ticket to their beloved Russia.

Other example was the 2010 murder of Polish Government. President Lech Kaczynski was not only a strong leader, who could change the future of entire Eastern Europe. First of all, he was one of the key figures for the Natural Right, who opposed European neo-socialist LGBT praising mainstream as well as russist corruption. His common sense, true Faith and manliness were a true exception amongst modern Europeans.

Those digressions could be exhausting for some readers; alas, without a proper introduction the following thoughts would have been unclear, let alone reasons of my rage over Western unforgivable naivete.


The West is deeply contaminated by stereotypes of “friendship” and “alliance” that have been grown, promoted and encouraged since the damned year of 1917. Now the resulting abominations got on the way of good guys, effectively paralyzing them while bad guys are enjoying with sacred cow status. Official libtard governments are working for ruskies – doesn’t matter much if willingly or just because of “non-violence” trend. Using this helplessness of authorities that discredited themselves in any way possible, Putin’s goons are multiplying their ranks worldwide. But weakness of their supposed adversaries is not a key to this disgraceful success.

There is no way to effective resistance without the truth about the past and russians know it – that’s why any attempt to investigate the true history of USSR makes them so mad (in Russia, one can get a real prison term for that). Politically correct junkies may invent a thousand explanations why Russia is aggressive and how it’s like the Third Reich. Any of those arguments will be far from real explanation likewise.

Amongst anti-russists (which are in fact, advanced anti-communists who realized the source of all trouble after watching it from within) the understanding is coming naturally, like bird’s ability to fly. Unfortunately, the West still remains mostly reluctant to use experience of people who successfully resisted against the filth of putinism, helping others to find their way and regain confidence lost in madness of modern political reality. Looks like “enlightened” Westerners still believe it’s possible to stop the plague without quarantine and elimination of the source (too “politically incorrect” methods) or just afraid to offend the nation of red thugs.

If you open ANY anti-russist Website, you find a section dedicated to Soviet history. Often it will be the main one. This is the thing each and every Western anti-communist must always remember, and here comes a reference to Orwell’s quote in the beginning.

To straighten things and undo the corruption as much as possible, one must do a review of “popular” version of History and bring century-old russian lies to complete debunk together with modern BS, which is nothing more than poor copy of their old propaganda regardless of certain subject. Russian barking about “family traditions” and “Christianity” has no more truth than Soviet slogans on “peaceful intentions”.

In a nutshell, I consider the following facts an initial basis:

  1. So-called “russian people” (nearly 95% of modern russian population) are separate biological group of human-like specimen with inborn serf mentality, reduced mental capabilities and increased aggressiveness. Untermenschen (subhumans) created by methods of unnatural selection, never applied to any living beings by any other regime before or after. Read the interview of Dr. Sergey Melnikoff to know the details.
  2. So-called “great patriotic” war (russian WW2 phase) never was a defensive one. Indeed, their former Nazi buddies decided to strike only after they detected serious preparations for bolshevist assault on Europe. Despite the nature of National Socialism, we must give them a credit: they had working “what if” plan, in contrast to modern partners of Russia, whose pitiful attempts to resist leave them pantless. And if not “evil Nazi invasion”, USSR would have extended its territory until Portugal coastline.

    By supporting the evil empire during WW2, the West made a terrible mistake, causing much more trouble for everyone than it would have been if Third Reich ended up as winner in Europe.

  3. So-called “Cold War” has been an excuse for turning a half of Europe into russian bloody playground, and so-called “nuclear balance” for peace – an elitist utopia. Trusting a weapon of equal power to mad thug is a suicide. By missing the opportunity to destroy the USSR before they got the nuke blueprints, the West sentenced itself to life in constant fear and gave Russia another chance for the world domination.

  4. So-called “perestroyka” has been a global hoax. No comments here.

  5. So-called “partnership” with bloody descendants of soviet butchers and feeding brute named Russia with its neighbors (Chechnya, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine… what’s next?) for “own benefit” is nothing but a guaranteed war in the future, already on own territory. It’s not Chechnya or Ukraine, or President Kaczinsky’s head, or even Europe that ruskies want to have. They need THE ENTIRE WORLD to live in serfdom and misery under the reign of eternal thuggish regime. Just because, see p.1. Even if at least one country that has own Dignity and Liberty remains, ruskies will continue carrying on their insane red invasions, blaming everyone around “Nazis, Banderovites, junta, Jihadists” etc.

To admit own mistakes the West made requires courage, which unfortunately, won’t be demonstrated by the majority without a proper motivation. It’s very important to distinguish anti-russist attitude form pro-Nazi, resisting any attempt to equate those two terms – which is one of the favorite tricks of putinists and libtards (read more about that further). BTW, Nazis and their modern followers never were anti-russian in general, but this is another story.


What the West has now? Old moldy myths on USSR, making hereditary criminals untouchable to Justice. Politically correct mainstream idiots who prefer to rot alive in GULAG rather than “offend” ruskies, doing just what thug Putin wants (all they are allowed to say criticizing Russia is “bad evil russian government, poor LGBT”). And finally, bunch of putinist zombies who pretend to be good guys but just like libtards, they do what thug Putin wants.

In my humble opinion, the top priority areas for putinist infiltration within the Right are:

  1. Religious communities. Still very important to Westerners and KGB knows it. During last few years, many websites had evolved into putinist playground, where valuable posts are being erased for no reason and high-rank (in forum reputation) putinist assholes followed by small-time lackeys running rampant all over the board 24/7, harassing everyone who tries to say anything “inappropriate” about their beloved thug. Needless to say, with all this encouraged by administration.

    Let’s hope such places will end up in zero reputation. But the number of resources being transformed by this scheme is disturbing and the most of people don’t understand what is going on, until it’s too late. Like on CAF – a former Catholic Answers Forums which should be called Commie Abominations Forums now.

  2. US-skeptic communities (survivalists, preparationists, expatriates). For them, putinists sing a mantra “we don’t like U.S. and EU policy, so we must look at Russia as example. West is weak, Russia is strong.” As logic as “We hate a disease of depraved and immoral ones named AIDS, so let we infect ourselves with strong natural plague!” There always will be fools who follow.

  3. Anti-Muslim communities, racists, neo-Nazis etc. crazy about “White superiority”, “Islamic danger” etc. who consider ruskies their “white brothers” A goldmine of idiots, already mentioned in this article. Even the facts that their beloved KGB thug Putin has a huge bunch of treacherous mercenaries from Caucasus, Moscow is already almost one-third Asian/Eastern/Mongoloid and half of elite university staff here is Jewish means nothing to putinist worshipers. They still worship their idol, owned by thug Kadyrov, as a “savior of Western civilization”.

For the successful resistance, one should know what to expect from followers of putinism and their masters. Note that I didn’t tell you should try and change putinist mind or engage into debates. All kinds of attempts to awaken the russists have been already tried – no one worked. The last one was an IPVNews project originally targeting Russia, which helped Ukrainians instead. What’s worse, Ukraine, (falsely) considered to be “Slavic sister country”, enraged russian commie serfs like no one could, just by choosing Freedom, therefore proving that russism is completely incurable. If ruskies had a slightest part of common sense,the Maidan would have sparked a revolution is Moscow. Instead of it, we can see new restrictions totally supported nationwide and ferocious hatred towards liberated “brothers”.

American-language (or any other non-russian) putinism is a slightly modified translation of native russism, with the same mindset, logic (if one can use this word here), tactics – everything except of cosmetic changes. The effect of using common sense on Russia has been already demonstrated. No matter where, their comrades will show absolutely same reflexes.

Arguing with putinists is like playing poker with cheater, backed by his fellow chavs who will beat the honest player, mock him and go away with money no matter what. In dirty game, there is just one way to win: Mr. Colt’s fast draw. And keeping your friends close, in case if bad guy will call for help – both in real life and virtual reality, putinists are always afraid to be alone.

Courtesy is help in the fight only when you have an arranged duel with someone compared to your moral level. Many times I saw how polite naive Westerners lose their debate miserably, because their principles weren’t allowing them to use a sufficient counter attack.

Here comes the main danger. Putinists are no serious threat, but century-long russian lies are. Stereotypes, falsified History and fake morality tie hands of honest Westerners, who consider that putinists must be treated like humans and one can have a honest fight against them.

Common people just can’t imagine that the main principle of russian debating is no principles at all. Russians and their lackeys say whatever dictator orders to – a complete BS opposite to reality. Like promoting “morality”, while being a child molester (a well-known hobby of thug Putin) or speaking about Law and Order while murdering and torturing people “for fun” (just what russian terrorists do in East Ukraine now). Endless repeating of the same lies. Again, and again, and again. No matter which evidence will be demonstrated, russists keep praising their beloved “moral” pedophile, “peaceful” murderer, “humane” tyrant, “christian” KGB chav, “caring” brute. Logic is useless, let alone seeking weak spots in putinist doctrine or russian mentality – those words mean the same thing now. Like I said before, in contrast to Nazism, russism is not a structural creature comparable to humans. It is abomination created from completely homologous material. Its only weakness is fear of truth, which will bring the Justice about.

All this does NOT mean we should be just happy with our knowledge and not bother ourselves with spreading of popular explanations. Indeed, we should follow the example of anti-russists, providing guidance, training, spiritual armor and mental weapons for those who seek, but NEVER try to find remains of good in those who chose to side with absolute evil. Only a complete idiot or scumbag can’t see (or most likely, pretend not to see) the essence of contemporary Russia.

So we must abandon the fear to “offend” the adversary and act regardless of their reaction. Speaking of ruskies, they are already offended beyond civilized imagination by their own despicable existence, crafted by no one but themselves. More than once, they were offered Liberty completely free of charge from the West (while all civilized nations bought it with own best blood), but were turning back to GULAG “pakhan-schestyorka” (kingpin-bitch) lifestyle again and again, scorning their helpers in return. Even the Nazis could not put them in more humiliating conditions. Keeping the fact in silence would be a pure hypocrisy.

Important digression#2. Russian mad hopping can be considered an indicator, like Hot or Cold game. The more “offended” they look, the closer are you to the truth. When you finally discover it, there will be an unforgettable bonus of russian freakshow, where those enraged congenital serfs erupt a crazy mess of commie profanity labels, calling people “Yids”, “Banderovites”, “Nazis” and “CIA mercenaries” simultaneously. (This is NOT a joke.) The same comes for their corrupt comrades from the West. The closer you will be to exposing their collaboration and nature of their masters, the more enraged they become. Still in more civilized way, but revealing their true face with each new day. Here, they can even unite with mainstream leftists who are still allowed to criticize russian dictator (“oh, poor fellow russian LGBT…”) but will protect “good Russians, bad Putin” and “bad Germany, good allies” myths with the similar ardor. There is no need to be a genius to show this herd a direction and watch from aside how they destroy themselves while conquering their land. Just what russians do.


It’s already a survival on crime-ridden planet. Lockdown, regrouping, defense.

The anti-russist community has a good permanent “border control” rule of checking someone’s doubtful personality: just ask him (or her) about thoughts on Russia, its past and present, particularly dictator Putin, events in Ukraine etc. After that, everything becomes clear. If some troll ever managed to falsify his agenda, the future activity always was revealing a true nature very quickly.

I consider the existence of Russia the ultimate trial for everyone’s conscience, to make the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly 100% evident. The test described above had been enforced by non-believer, but approved by Christians as well as Muslims and followers of other religions. The conscience doesn’t depend on certain religion, skin color, etc. In fact, anti-russism created the most tolerant community of completely diverse groups and individuals. (Something for the modern libtards to envy – still no one of their attempts to build a “multiculture paradise” had a slightest success.)

After learning what everyone must know about Russia, no reasonable man can deny the fact: is has become an absolute evil, a threat the most vile, menacing and corrupt the world ever had to endure. People invented scary stories with monsters, undead creatures, kingdoms of bloody tyranny, hordes of demonic invaders… The real abomination is already here and worse than any fantasy nightmare. Because it’s real.

Now it’s time to make a choice. Unlike back in WW2, one can’t hide behind mainstream or make a wrong decision and go away with it to American (or any other) dream, leaving fellow Westerners perish in gruesome russian slaughterhouse.

If we are lucky, someday we celebrate the Victory at the ruins of Kremlin. If not, russian thugs still won’t have a satisfaction of taking us down easily. The enemy is strong, but only by his corruption and ability to deceive. We must expose russian lies, thus eliminating the red Mordor life energy supplies and breaking the “spell” that keeps the West subdued. Then, the Victory will be just one step away.



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Another usual BS of russian thug dictator, terrorist Putin gathered a common horde of serfs, always ready to kiss his commie ass. But some birdie (0:13) obviously couldn’t stand it anymore.

Very appealing moment indeed. Especially for those dumbasses who were praising KGB thug for his hunting, fishing, taming flocking etc. (staged as everything else) in the wild.

I wonder why RT dog kiselyov still not went full-auto about “evil American-trained Ukrainian birds targeting great, spiritual and wise peacemaking leader like wretched Nazi Stuka dive-bombers, trying to besmear his precious reputation in powerless Banderovite CIA mercenary fascist rage”.

eagle (2)UA-pigeonDoes it really matter? Russian dictator is a walking bag of commie shit anyway.


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