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Both in Latvia and abroad, this event provoked many debates. Hordes of rabid ruskie commies incited by their neo-soviet dictator tried to make their language official here, to finally throw Latvia back to times of Soviet regime when they officially were masters (as well as in Estonia and Lithuania).

The referendum demonstrated that not all of Latvians lost the remains of their national pride after many years of humiliation and russian communist brutality. Without counting those 300.000 russian lowlifes with no right to vote (but with strong desire to reconstruct USSR and Gulags), 80 percent of Latvian population is against official status of occupants’ language. Unfortunately, this is neither a warranty of independence nor a sign of it – the red horde is using Latvia as amusement park regardless of their language status.

Well done, Latvians – on the paper. Now get a real life, stop licking commie ass and show those ruskies who are the masters in your INDEPENDENT country.