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Once upon a time, when visiting the German graveyard was still allowed for everyone, I was walking one quiet alley in my Gothic thoughts, until my way suddenly was interrupted.

I stopped and stared on the empty ground next to a well-known devastated crypt in disbelief. I clearly remembered that there were several ancient tombstones of different shape and size standing very close and a bit of chaotic, one of them turned over and sank to its surface, some vandalized, some untouched… but now all of them were missing. Instead of them, there was plain ground prepared for new burials, reserved for future. All ancient tombstones were gone.

This was my last visit on the graveyard at summer 2008, which triggered my mind into reconsidering of what I’ve seen. Loose and chaotic events became evident, revealing all the essence of unholy russian plan.

Later I was not even allowed to enter here. But I saw enough to make a conclusion. Deliberate intentions of russians to conceal and forge their crimes only helped to reveal them.

Bribed and rotten to the bone, the administration seizes graves from deceased ones, throws the remains away – and sells the ground to some rich subhuman kingpins. Ugly, disgusting huge “memorials” with criminal’s faces all over the stone appearing far and wide, mostly in places of graveyard considered “noticeable” – main alleys, crossroads, ancient areas. Those places are always occupied by other graves, but for russian untermensch this is not a problem. Having zero tolerance of living man’ dignity, they treat dead ones with the same humiliation. Offspring of communist brutes, they have absolutely no moral or spiritual codex forbidding things, which any civilized man won’t even think about. For rote untermensch, it is absolutely normal to devastate the grave and place corpses of their criminal “tzars” in this desecrated ground, which once was someone’s place of eternal rest.

To conceal their unholy crimes they put a loyal “watchdog” that prevents “unwanted” people from enter. True Goths are best witnesses of any change amongst surrounding of graveyard well-known to them; no true Goth will leave unattended disappearing of a single grave.

Or other things hard to miss: piles of trash, which workers intentionally leave on abandoned graves, collecting there all the garbage from nearby areas; or moved ancient tombstones, prepared for destroying; or desecrated crypt turned into inventory storage by workers.

In the previous post, I was speaking about equality of vandals and administration. No matter what uniform, social status and occupation russian subhuman has, he will find a way to express himself in abominations and desecration. The resemblance of russian street riffraff, officials and workers demonstrates that once more.

I remember everything I saw there and I won’t let this evidence fade away into the shroud of lies. Despite the foul russian plan, things won’t be forgotten. When the unholy land of eternal commies will fall, we the victors will show no mercy to red bastards who don’t deserve even a burial. The roadside gallows will be the only place for them.