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Russian thug dictator Putin promised to start pressing on Baltic states to satisfy eternal commie desires of his untermensch colonists placed here by NKVD.

The bastard said exactly this:

“We will be forcing governments of Latvia and Estonia in the strongest way to follow those many recommendations which competent international organizations given (under russian pressure, of course – NvS) according to common rights of national minorities. The existence of disgraceful “non-citizen” status can not be tolerated. And how we could tolerate that every 6th inhabitant of Latvia and every 13th inhabitant of Estonia as “non-citizens” have no elementary political, electional and social rights, and ability to use russian language freely?”

(Source: “Moscow news”)

Well, nothing other could have been expected from enraged KGB brute named Putin. A shitload of neo-communist rage, hatred towards free countries, but first of all total bullshit. Commies always were masters of lies that left even the Goebbels propaganda far behind. Rat commie spawn just follows the path of their vile red ancestors, increasing bullshitting skills and adapting themselves for times without an iron curtain.

Each and every russian “emel’ka” roars about “non-citizenship” in Baltic states as his personal wooden stake in the ass. If one will be stupid enough to listen, he’ll get an impression that Baltic people are Nazi fanatics, who praise Hitler and kill poor meek russians at sight, occasionally sparing a few victims for gruesome tortures to amuse their Baltic Nazi children.

Here’s the reality. Those “mistreated” russians who dwell the Baltic states do not move a finger to get citizenship, despite this requires hard work in each civilized country. They speak (if that imbecile mooing could even have been called speech)  their language absolutely free, yelling russian mat in each and every place from Toompea Square to Illuka village. Wherever they are, they bring their common national traditions: crime, drunkeness, dirt, corruption and behavior that makes even pigs look civilized. And the natives tolerate all this, happy with russian shit all over their land.

But red colonists want even more. They don’t like the status of undocumented masters and want their KGB power back; to ravish the benefits of civilized society and rule other nations as dictators.

Those who think they will be able to negotiate with eternal commie nation apparently forgot that congenital slaves don’t have such ability. They understand only a whip, and those who mess with russians must prepare one. Of prepare his ass to be kicked – exactly what the most of the modern West is doing now.