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Despicable russian lackey named Edgar Savisaar (mayor of Tallinn) announced the future dogfight of his fellow asslickers. The reason of upcoming mess is easy: who will give the best pleasure to russian orcs, who are about to vote.

To satisfy commie scum the best way, lackey Savisaar begun a new wave of his neo-soviet bullshit about relations with his Kremlin masters, the necessity of glorifying criminals and occupants, et cetera.

“Putin could have a deal with Reform party without Ansip!” – said this commie dog. (Source: delfi.ee)

Having a big experience of deals with russian criminals and dictators (edinaya rossija), he already seeing himself as a puppet President of Estonia, occupied by ruskies at 3rd time.

Such lowborn commie creatures as Savisaar have absolutely zero dignity and conscience. Glorifying russian occupants, rapists and robbers, they try so hard that sometimes even overdo their slacker commie masters. Being kicked in the face by commie brutes, they lick their sapogi in return. And spit at the graves of Katyn and Nemmersdorf, as their masters from Kremlin give orders.

Go to your red masters, Savisaar. You belong to the floor of main KGB office, near dictator’s feet. There you will be given a treatment that is miserable even for a stray dog, but to be a russian lackey is much worse than the last of homeless animals.