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I won’t say too much here – History said almost everything even before those events took place.

It had been already proved more than once that dictators of russian slaves go away only six feet under. I’ll repeat: russian SLAVES, cause no free man will ever try to restore the slavery from which he had been liberated.

I won’t refer to the opposition and other official bullshit here, cause the entire russian politics, no matter of what party, provokes vomiting reflexes with its repetitions. An useless struggle of always-beaten opposition against always-winner KGB machine. Or better to say, working as speaking punching bag that is saying regular loud “Ouch, human rights violation” going on in the name of remaining “common” russians, who are too busy to be in politics with drinking up at the background.

60 years later, one can see the same thing. Or can’t – if too tolerant and politically correct. But russians admire this resemblance. Well, comrade Lenin must prepare to move a bit in his Mausoleum because his neo-communist successor Putin is not immortal.

At least there is something new in KGB PR – crying thug. With russian “unpredictable national character”, this will definitely do the trick. What’s most funny, they really will believe all this is real even being „bashed with cudgel at heads“, as the KGB asshole promised to treat his nation. But those who are dumb as those russians, will be all over the world – and this is already not funny.

Now the experiment of “puppet President” is over and the real dictator returned to place which he had to control remotely for 4 years. Those 4 years were not in vain for the brute and his horde, bringing Russia even closer to neo-Soviet regime.

Vile and brutal crimes were made against ones who barely could survive in this nightmare. Dictator, his puppet, his bunch and nationwide horde of supporters are responsible for many lives, especially young ones. For the damn “Concept of moral education of youth”, which proclaimed Goths extremists, making abuse, tortures and murder of those self-expressing young people absolutely legal. Which allowed horde of criminals to humiliate and kill them without any responsibility. Which provoked a wave of youth suicides. Now “enemies” are disappeared from streets, just vanished, like  never were there. But mr. wannabe-Stalin and his KGB bunch are so creative that they will find new enemies. Even when there will be completely no “others” left.

Soon they will begin to whomp each other, just like in infamous 1930s. This will be a thing to laugh at, when “not loyal enough” followers of neo-communism will got their torture chambers and gulags.

History goes on. But russian untermenschen do not want even to look at their own hideous reflection in the past, preserving an eternal slavery essence of themselves, doomed to exist in eternal red nightmare that they create with own hands.