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It is wide-known fact that russian militsija (now, police) is nothing more than a bunch of armed and uniformed criminals serving to neo-communist “edinaya rossija”. Bashing, robbery, rape and tortures are common fun of russian policemen. Most of those bastards are cannot be even called humans, being a copy of their NKVD brute predecessors, whose reason to torture someone to death is “cuz ya too different”.

And when Kazan’ police supervisor R.Kadyrov said “There is no way back! Either we are friendly with citizens and smile to them, or…” (Source: “Golos Rossii”) it would have been looked like traditional hypocrisy, if it was said separately from criticizing his own field of action “The whole world considers policemen defenders, but here (in Russia) they are feared of”.

Now russian uniformed brutes are supposed to “friendly” torture their victims. With joyful smiles.