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March 16 is a day of annual Latvian SS Legion veterans meeting.

This one went without big mess or provocations but caused usual uproar amongst russian commies both in Latvia and their own country of eternal Gulag, as always when free countries and people speak not what crazy ruskies want to.

Mad russian commies and their lackeys recognize only one version of History – that has nothing in common with reality but was approved by their “comrade Stalin” and remains unchanged as well as their slave essence. In general mass russians aren’t going to recognize Baltic states as independent ones, keeping their insane dreams about USSR resurrection and world domination plans (more exactly, how to drown the entire world in shit).

The main target of verbal strikes is now the President of Latvia, who dared to honor the Legion soldiers by his words of respect.

A question NOT to think about – there is only one answer. How should man act if horde of commie invaders come to his house, rob it, rape his wife and send every working and honest man to Siberia? Granted  by some external force with an opportunity to fight back, should this man return his stolen dignity through glorious fight or patiently wait for commie thugs to come back and continue humiliating him?

When the Third Reich attacked USSR, it was a chance for millions of people, and the best of men used it. They were fighting until (and even after) the end of war, choosing either to become insurgents or to retreat, just to end up far away from desecrated homeland, unwilling to return under bolshevist tyranny. They were thinking about their Freedom first of all. Not about the Hitler and Nazi ideas like russian commie scum tries to show in their street organ propaganda.

There was no and will never be the army with absolutely zero number of criminals, despite the attempted enforcing of humanity (BTW, highly debatable). But russian bullshitters try to twist and rewrite the entire History, pretending to be saviors of humankind and spreading hatred towards anyone who is (or was) unwilling to be their slaves.

Speaking about war and genocide crimes, it’s hard to find someone more “glorious” than soviet Russia – the country that killed more Jews and much more russians than Nazi 3rd Reich. Civil war with gassing and butchering of own population, Red Terror, Holodomor, Gulag, pre-WWII occupation of Eastern Europe (stopped only by the German invasion – unfortunately, not permanently), tortures and mass murders of POWs, genocide of Europeans through butchery and rape, post-WWII occupation of Eastern Europe, Gulag again, invasion in Hungary in 1956… The reader can easily find out the rest of “glorious” russian deeds.

Highly assisted victory in WW2 and Western stupidity helped a lot to conceal soviet crimes and exaggerate ones of opponents. Sometimes they even forged their own crime scenes for results of “Nazi genocide”, like this has been in Katyn; or many nameless villages that was burned to the ground by NKVD wearing SS, Wehrmacht or Ukrainian OUN/UPA uniform (so-called “torch men”).

But who said the victory is a right to avoid justice? And was it victory at all? If someone won in this war, this is definitely NOT russians who got a tyranny even worse than before.

Those indignant “human right activists” who scream about neo-Nazism in Baltic states and West Ukraine put themselves in one row with russian commies, glorifying their crimes and spreading KGB-made lies, slowly but visibly becoming RED. Not from the hard strain indeed…

And one day despicable commie lackeys will pay for that, together with their red masters of genocide, terror and murder.