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I doubt it was so unexpected as represented in the news. The worst President of the United States Barack Obama already gained an infamous “kickme” reputation for his art of being target for international humiliation.

In 2011, russian thug dictator Putin was invited to summits G8 and NATO in Chicago. But he refused to arrive if no agreements in anti-missile defense will be made. His mad requirements were absurd even for bunch of russophile jesters which rules now in U.S.A, so there were none of agreements.

Always trying to please russians and personally their dictator Putin, gutless Obama and his sidekicks went so far that they satisfy russian interests already more than ones of their own nation. But russian anti-Americanism is still growing – all efforts of russophiles went in vain and russians hate U.S. even more than before. Just because.

Obama administration is “ready to sacrifice money for Putin” (yes, tax payers, that’s your $45-60 million about to go for satisfying russian dictator) and change already prepared place of meeting to other one.

Mr. Obama, if you want to kiss neo-communist ass, do it in person as much as you want. But don’t make a mockery of entire country.