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25 February 2010, in Moscow, at Gagarin Square, Leninskij Avenue a Citroen C3 with two women inside (driver Olga Alexandrina and passenger Vera Sidelnikova) was rammed by armored Mercedes S500, which was rushing towards city center by opposite lane. Citroen driver died right at the spot (at the photo below), passenger – a bit later in hospital.

Mercedes belonged to russian „lukoil“ company. Security manager Anatoly Barkov with driver Vladimir Kartaev were inside. It is still unknown who of those bastards was driving and was somebody else in the car – so many forgery had been done by russian thugs. But the story must be told in order.

This is the picture showing collided cars right after the accident.

Notice a Mercedes license plate with specific combination of similar letters. Such plates are very trendy amongst rich criminals in Russia. There is no option to purchase special license plate in Russia legally like in U.S., but everything is done for a bribe there. Including driving licenses.

Road surveillance cameras are marked with red and yellow pins – more than 15 of them. It is obvious there were enough points of view to collect the evidence. But as always in Russia, when corruption involved, all modern equipment becomes useless trash. All necessary records „suddenly“ went unavailable when accident happened, except the one with a picture obstructed by billboard.

(Captions: Кам = camera, ДТП = accident, Щит = billboard, шт. = pcs)

Those are photos of the same scene a bit later. Both license plates of Mercedes are removed by one of murderers – the driver. It is still even unknown who of those brutes was driving. What’s more important, cars are moved to falsify accident scheme.

Right after the murder “lukoil” press secretary Dmitriy Dolgov without any arguments said “Our driver violated no rules, we have professional employees who pass multiple checks”.

Yeah yeah, blah blah. Barking about high standards, while bribes keep commie ass warm through fancy pants. How russian of Mr. indignant whelp who tries to speak for inspector, judge and witnesses simultaneously. A typical attitude of untouchable lackey of untouchable “tzar” in caste society of Russia, where “multiple checks” of employees mean only how good their lips fit on director’s arse.

The criminal who was behind the wheel of Mercedes was so self-confident that everyone must give him the way that he just rushed with full throttle directly to the opposite lane, violating all road rules. Or given his goon driver order to do so – there is a little difference.

All this forgery together with intimidation of witnesses and traditional russian bribing were enough for “court” to proclaim victims guilty and ban their attorneys from court.

Asshole Barkov continues his work at “lukoil” company (security manager) as before the crime, together with his chain dog driver.

Those vile murderers deserve only to be hanged together, like most of russian “elite” who are nothing but a bunch of mafia enjoying with GULAG “vertical of power” and caste society it holds.

It is a duty of each and every civilized man to resist the crime. Especially when the crime goes spreading worldwide. If russians made murder lawful this does not mean that civilized world must agree with it.

I personally will never buy a single drop of gasoline or oil from those criminals. Everyone who fuels up at „lukoil“, no matter where in the world, spits on justice and victims’ graves together with murderers. Not only of two women murdered by lukoil thug Barkov and his bitch Kartaev – on all graves of those who were killed by „untouchable“ russian tzars.