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Today, as I wrote those words, some showoff event took place in Russia. Horde of neo-soviet power supporters are gathered „in support of russian Orthodox church and its Patriarch Kirill“, who they consider being persecuted by evil Western forces with their vile anti-russian plans (I did not invent this – read russian sources if you do not believe me).

Of course there are no limitations for this pro-government horde. Officially meeting is registered as auto rally with 100 members, but even before the event started its administration was speaking about “unplanned” voluntary addition of participants and encouraging it.

Compare this with meetings of “others” in Russia, which are persecuted with brutality, bashing and tortures even if absurd requirements of neo-communist government are followed.

Amongst the entire bunch gathered, russian bikers and personally their leader (Alexander Zaldostanov a.k.a. Surgeon) promised to be. (Source: “RIA Novosti”)

Why I am speaking about them separately?

While most of subcultures in Russia are proclaimed extremists, “threat to national security” and wiped out with the most brutal, vile and criminal neo-soviet way, bikers became infamous exception. They were not mentioned either in 2008 “concept” or in other repressive documentation, as well as in plenty of small-time orders legislating persecution over the entire country. Everything is made like russian bikers do not exist, or they are not a subculture.

But they exist, and it is hard to miss when they are walking russian streets in crowds without being “bashed at heads by cudgel”, token into police torture chambers, humiliated, mistreated and murdered by russian uniformed criminals.

And this is not some powerful spell protecting them from neo-communist brutality. Look at those photos, where russian KGB dictator Putin arrived to bikers’ meeting to accept his new servants’ proof of fidelity. He was so pleased that even decided to be in style of his whelps.

Neo-sovet bastards

For guaranteed privilege not to „be bashed at heads by cudgel“ (as dictator Putin threatened to do with everyone who disagreed with him) russian bikers sold out as low slaves of „united russia“, always ready to bark as their masters’ order, praising KGB dictator and his bunch far and wide.

I wonder is membership in this revolting neo-soviet henchmen gang giving a discount on bribe required for each and every driving license in Russia? Or maybe it gives a discount for traffic violations bribes also?

Now russian bikers are gathered at their master’ call to pretend being diehard Christians and protectors of Orthodox religion. And neo-communist regime also – together with balloons with Christian symbols, Georgian ribbons were prepared (in modern Russia, they are symbols glorifying 1945 bolshevik rampage in occupied Europe, so-called “victory”).

But there is nothing Christian, no matter Orthodox or Catholic in those bastards who are sold out for 30 pieces of silver to criminal and sub-human regime of neo-communist spawn, progeny of murderers, rapists and thieves.

They dare to name themselves “wolves”, but they have a little in common with wild animals of freedom. Neither wolves, nor any liberated subcultures are related to those cowardly whelps that lick ass of neo-communist bear in disgraceful fear for their miserable lives which became worthless, marking themselves with indelible shame and endless indignity.