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After some silence I continue regular events overview.

Most of russian population is so pro-soviet that it voluntary resurrects this brutal, criminal and sub-human regime as well as its attributes. One of thoseis 1st of May “spring and labor day” with mass meetings, drinking and praising of repressive power as well as its leaders. With the returning of KGB dictator, this process is going even faster.

Here are photo materials from the unholy event (source of photos: “RIA novosti”).

henchmen hordeNationwide youth support of neo-bolshevik system. A horde of neo-communist “united russia” young henchmen, who are always ready to fight against “others”. In 10:1 ratio.

For most of russians as well as in USSR, politics are beyond understanding. Who gives them vodka is their national hero. Watch drunken untermenschen carousing and yelling, joyful with their low existence.

Watch at the slogan those russians carry. If you know russian language and history, you will notice evident bolshevik legacy. If not, just look at revolting faces of those unterfrauen.hypocrisy

As usual, neo-soviet hypocrisy. Their slogans say “united russia –  high living standards”. They forgot to add: “for those who are licking KGB dictator ass only. Others will be bashed at heads by cudgel”.

At the day of drunken proletarians, russian dictator Putin decided to show how he is close to his nation. He did not only give it extra days for drinking. He went for demonstration himself and afterwards paid a showoff visit to some pub, where he was drinking “Zhigulevskoye” beer with his puppet sidekick Medvedev (and a horde of security which cleared the area before dictator arrived, so local lowlifes had to seek other place for drinking up).

A historical note for those who do not know the fact. “Zhigulevskoye” beer is one which was popular in USSR amongst proletarians and lowest social groups. It was the cheapest and most mass-produced kind of soviet beer. What is about its taste, no civilized man can endure it.

This was about neo-bolshevik horde. Now look at their political ancestry.

Because communist scum is a main source of modern neo-communist russian population, no one persecutes them no matter what they do.

Horde of communists praising their brute criminal leaders Stalin and Lenin.

The only thing “united russia” and communists are fighting about is votes.

Yes, civilized world, note all this is not USSR. And if you won’t take action, neo-Gulags are waiting for you. Maybe under 3-colored flags instead of red ones, but with all features of origin.