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Even death of two women murdered by untouchable russian kingpins does not prevent their further persecution by russian corrupted anti-justice. As “lukoil” murder company was recognized as victim and dead women as guilty part, now murderers are able to sue heir of their victim, little orphaned girl. Attorneys who defend interests of murdered women were removed from proceedings by corrupted investigator at murderers’ service, and it is not hard to guess which will be the next step of  brutes.

There is no surprise that attorney of Barkov, filthy low sold-out henchman Garri Merzoyan (a suitable surname, by the way. “Merzo-(st)” means “abomination” in russian) is satisfied with those revolting actions.

Russian brutes decided to punish those women even after their death because they were on the way of the “tzar”, subhuman brute Barkov. Killing his victims is not enough for this bastard. He wants to stomp on their graves with mad roar of his unholy triumph.

Those who still buy from lukoil knowing this are sidekicks of lukoil brute, who deserve only to be hanged on the same gallows with vile dirty russian murderer Barkov.