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Recently I had a conversation with my good friend who has a misfortune to be in the country of neo-soviet nightmare. Seeing Leninskij Avenue regularly (read this for the story), my friend told me about memorial black ribbons on the pole close to the place of murder. Somebody ripped them off regularly. Some time later, they appeared again, and were removed once more. And this desecration is still going on.

One does not need to be a detective to see the brutality and subhuman being of those who destroying the memory. They are ones of horde who sold out to criminal russian “tzars” and ready to do everything their masters order, no matter how vile and unholy those orders will be.

And while russian untermenschen honor revolting memories of their drunken cattle “comrades”, who crashed to death in drunk driving (traditional russian “fun”) , by huge ugly memorials with stacks of flowers right on the roadside, they become enraged like mad dogs when someone wants to honor memory of their victim in modest and civilized way.

Despite russians legislated murder and persecution of its victims, this remains a crime for each and every civilized man. Buying from lukoil in any place of the world makes anyone a whelp of those sub-human criminals.