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On each russian May 9, one can see plenty of cars which are decorated with symbols glorifying communism. With each anniversary of this infamous event number of such cars is growing and modifications become more and more perverted.

Any big event organized by neo-soviet power attract those “licensed drivers” like rotten flesh magnetize flies. Under external mask of joyful holiday there is truly rotten flesh of endless russian corruption and crime.

Not a single book can be written about all the lie and hypocrisy shrouding this day. And this article will reveal only particular facts about things important to me as a vintage car owner. Knowing the truth about driving and cars in Russia, I cannot miss this topic especially when I see revolting things like ones on those photos.

Look at the GAZ-67 license plate. There is no way to purchase desired combination of numbers for license plate in Russia. Every russian plate of such type is bought illegally for bribe. But their owners do not fear persecution. Indeed, as well as those uniformed “police” criminals who sell them plates they feel themselves even more confident than a few honest drivers. Lenin’s thuggish face is just a perfect addition for such commie car.

A reconstruction of commie terrorist NKVD organization member, responsible for atrocities all over the USSR and abroad, elite guard of subhuman bolshevist ideology. Always first in a row for butchery… and to run away from Germans in 1941.

Both of cars lack modern equipment. Such vehicles are prohibited from traffic in Russia. There is one exception, which applies to vintage cars if “there is evidence that car was manufactured with such characteristics” – this must be confirmed by notarized letter from the manufacturer. On practice, this means “gimme some bucks and I believe ya papers”.

In last few years new perverted form of communism glorifying became popular amongst russians. especially those who can’t match two words together if asked about WW2. Nevertheless, ruskies decorate their cars with writings that their subhuman ancestry had wrote on vehicles which carried red horde towards Europe. Some russians are even trying to make “faux tanks” (BTW it’s prohibited by russian laws too. More bribes for “glorious” russian police).

One thing that is definitely common between those “tank” crews 65 years ago and now is their untermensch essence. Despite of developed technology and science, disgusting nature of red horde comes through years unchanged.

Verdammt! Wo ist mein Panzerfaust?

One more example of russian “laws” on practice. Using of such trailer, uncertified for civilian vehicles without license plates is forbidden. But for bribe givers and henchmen of KGB dictator, no laws exist in Russia.

And if someone of independent personality tries to build custom car or restore vintage one just for own pleasure without commie showoff and feeding of uniformed criminals, russian thug “police” won’t even let him drive from home to police station. One should see how those dirty uniformed bastards go mad when realize there won’t be any bribes. But even driving a common car in neo-soviet Russia is a caste privilege. Congenital enemies of any personality and humanity, uniformed assholes use all their power granted by “laws” to harass everyone who doesn’t want to bow down and kiss commie ass.

To not let honest people drive is one and only duty of russian police.

For a miserable bribe, russian “policemen” will praise even drunk imbecile and give him all papers, while for honest people they have only harassment, mockery and arrests. My Grandfather was deprived of right to drive and then arrested for driving despite this ban. He didn’t ever scratch his car. But those russian assholes sent him to exile, like a common criminal. Following the tradition, their dirty offspring officials refused to even to allow me to pass the driving test. Meanwhile, brainless imbeciles who kill and injure people for fun being drunk, are driving in Russia everyday.


This is the only way to stop those subhumans on wheels and their asshole “police”. And it will definitely repeat someday, to end the subhuman triumph once and forever.