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Whatever ruskies do, they always remain ruskies. Engineers, medics, linguists, other “specialists” – all those hypocrite scumbag “luminaries of science” are alike as production of one factory. Made in USSR. As one who went through nightmare of russian education, I know its perverted essence good enough in areas even beyond my own course of subjects.

Corruption, intolerance, disrespect to any personality, political repressions and unlimited power of small-time tzars are main features here. The bigger university is, the more ferocious and rampant its worshipers are. Russian assholes and their corrupt jewish friends found their home mostly in “famous” MSTU named after Bauman, 1st Moscow medical university, and MSU (Moscow state university). Acting in their favourite soviet style, they proclaimed themselves untouchable “elite”. Alliance with dictator regime is mandatory there; with “lackey privileges” they feel free do everything they want.

Some time ago a friend told me about one of tasks that future linguists in MSU were required to accomplish. It was collecting of russian „chastushki“ and performing them like in their native environment (shitty russian village), with imitatied drunk carousing, hopping and clapping on thighs. The dirtier chastushki were, the higher it was ranked by russian tutors.

I remembered this recently, reading the news at RG.ru. Some MSU “linguist professor” (that is one of his numerous titles, which include PhD, philologist, etc) Vladimir Elistratov openly declared his love to abomination language, most dirty and disgusting subhuman words ever existed, russian “mat”. He praised this filth, untermensch from his native dirty village and “generation swearing uncommonly”. (source:) Despite of his titles and place of small tzar, he remains lowlife russian thug.

This is russian “elite”. Dirty spawn of bolshevik thugs who destroyed small amount of nobility that existed in Russia and proclaimed street scumbags masters of the nation. A little changed since then.

Who else can be “elite” in subhuman country of neo-communism?

Soon ruskies will be teaching their students how to drink up with self-brewed samogon and grunt in the dirt in true russian style. With subsequent exams.