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Not so long ago U.S. President Obama who managed to humiliate himself more than anyone of his predecessors ever, met another result of red political masochism. Or better to say, his nation will meet  the consequences – he is not one who is gonna pay extra milloins of dollars from his pocket just to satisfy russian kingpin. Read the story here.

It was announced that russian KGB dictator Putin will not arrive to G8 summit in new location despite all attempts of Obama and his bunch to satisfy russian kingpin.

Congratulations, you politically correct russian henchman, mockery of U.S. President’ name Mr. Obama. You failed your another event of asslicking. There is nothing surprising in the outcome, but you are so dumb that evident facts are beyond your narrow neo-socialist minds.

Only someone even more stupid than nObama can still give his vote for this walking piece of shame in future elections.