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Recent protests in Moscow attracted a lot of attention. If you are familiar with my blog, you probably wonder why I didn’t mention them yet.

I could publish a lot of materials, but having an uncommon attitude about most of russian opposition I don’t consider this interesting and necessary. Moreover, amount of materials does not guarantee genuine illustration of reality – the example is most of news portals worldwide that obscure hideous essence of russian reality because of fear (russian ones) or fake cheap political correctness (Western ones).

To tell the truth about red brutes, I chose just two photos which give me completely opposite feelings.

Look at the first photo. This is essence of russian police. No punishment for criminals, but brutality for those who can’t respond.

This fat ugly bastard, dirty spawn of bolsheviks definitely had a lot of training in brutality and favorite russian police “fun” – bashing innocents.

But in true battle just facing opponent equal by strength, he would have sh#t in his uniform pants and run away with screaming, like dirty red dog he is.

Each and every russian police operation against criminals (if there are any such operations at all) ends up in shameful failure. Every russian uniformed criminal feels sympathy similar to brotherhood to his fellow scum who chose a bit different “job” but have the same nature of red neo-soviet untermensch.

Got your bashing, dictator’s whelp?

I hope that hurts a lot. Pity that such scenes are extremely rare in russia, more like exclusion than reality. But at least that uniformed brute got some response, before which he was sure that he can bash everyone without any punishment. Look at the mad expression of his subhuman face, he is ready to bark and howl.

Later russian government-ridden mass media represented beaten brute like a wounded hero who continued to fight even with his brains started to leak out of cracked head. Well, knowing soviet and russian propaganda one doesn’t need a lot of efforts to see their unbreakable relationship.

Russia is subhuman country, but even there is a scum of subhumanity – russian police and OMON, most disgusting, sadistic, brainless and ferocious creatures ever existed, legislated criminals at the service of KGB system. They can be compared only to their communist horde unholy ancestry who drowned Europe in red nightmare in 1945. Recent events were just one of demonstrations of russian police essence which clear to everyone who does not fear to see the truth, but repeatedly and intentionally disregarded by russophiles and other red horde henchmen all over the world.

And if you are located in civilized country, do not think you are safe from red brutes that always were greedy for others’ civilized life.

If you won’t take action, red brutes and their Russia will be everywhere.