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Descendants of bolshevik comissars have a predatory lust for human flesh, as well as their ancestors, criminals rotten to the bone. Outrageous results of journalist investigation (led by Anna Politkovskaya) in Checnya revealed confirmed case of it. “Glorious” russian officer bit off soldier’s ear for refusal to follow criminal orders, and this is definitely not some single exception – but murder of Politkovskaya by red brutes and Kadyrov’s KGB regime in Chechnya halted most of investigations.

If those red cannibal subhumans become some high officials in neo-communism system they openly demonstrate their brutal favors. In private conversation with colleagues, press secretary of KGB dictator Putin, Dmitriy Peskov, said: “for wounded OMON policeman, liver of meeting participants must be splashed over the asphalt”.

Later this bloody lackey of dictator tried to use favorite russian saying of small-time tzars: „I am boss, you are fool. You are boss, I am fool.“

Only complete fool is able to believe bulsh#t he said afterwards. That bolshevik spawn claimed to have tough conversation between “two men”, and revealing of it “not in man style”.

Everybody knows that neo-soviet Russia is not a Wild West. If somebody wants to speak tough about KGB dictator and his whelps, he (or she) will find himself in prison or six feet under very soon. While a slightest disagreement is punished with all brutal power of neo-soviet machine, “licensed lackeys” like “nashi”, “rumol”, russian bikers and all kinds of scum holding power of KGB regime feel free to do everything they want, absolutely sure in their untouchable unholy essence.

In Russia it is damn easy for some brute to become a tzar – legacy of flesh-lusty red comissars lives forever there.