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During the recent lecture in Prinstone university, U.S.A., the President of Georgia Mikhel Saakashvili was mostly speaking about democratic improvements in his country, but the 2008 war against russian aggressors was discussed also. Mr. Saakashvili said particularly this:

“My little country was attacked by a state 100 times bigger. Good that we have no map here, it is even scary to look at. They wanted full demise of my country but after 4 years I’m still here”.

Speaking of success, he pointed at “anomaly” of his own existence, in contrary to mad barking of russian schweinehund S. Lavrov (head of russian MID), who told about a year ago: „President (of Georgia) Saakashvili is pathology and anomaly of entire Gerogian nation, and in addition to this he got bad upbringing.“ (sources: Regnum, RIA novisti)

The pot calls the kettle black again. Speaking about upbringing and morality, Lavrov has none of it at all, as well as his fellow russian “politicians” who have manners no more than feral mad bears drunk with vodka – and continue their favourite commie traditions of Molotov in our days.

But they are sure that their brutality and loutishness will be respected by spineless politically correct “power” of modern Europe and U.S.A. Unfortunately, commies are right here – many countries even much more powerful than post-Soviet Georgia have no guts to stand up against the red horde with occupant “wannabe-Stalin” ambitions of KGB dictator Putin.

Anyone who shows even a slightest disagreement is called by those neo-communist bastards names like “Nazi” (if from Europe) or „pathology“ (if from other world regions), while their young sidekicks (“nashi”, “rumol”, “molodaya gvardija”) start nationwide uproar, swearing and insulting of their “enemies”.

In this world the healthy common sense of independence is truly becoming uncommon and kind of “anomalous” in the middle of spiritless political correctness and liberalism.

But together with gutless politicians and nations enjoying their humiliation, exclusions do exist and will be. Despite russian brutality, threats, History falsifications, invasion attempts and murders (Remember the Poland Government and President Lech Kazsinsky!) they resist against the red neo-soviet horde.

For victorious resistance, one doesn’t need to be a politician or official. In modern times of Internet and open borders, russian neo-soviet nightmare is spreading to get inside each and every home. The front in this war depends on each and every man who values the freedom, dignity and personality.

No matter how “abnormal” the modern trend calls it.