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This happened 6 years ago but remained unknown for the most of civilized world, which prefers to ignore criminal russian nature.

Former president of Israel Moshe Katsav was convicted with rape and sexual assaults. Those long proceedings, started in 2006, finally resulted in jail-time for him in 2011. The same year, KGB dictator Putin had private conversation with Ehud Olmert, Israeli prime minister (who BTW got his deserved jail-time too – for bribes).

Shortly before journalists left the meeting room, being confident that the microphones are already disengaged, full of excitement, russian dictator yelled to his guest:

„Give my greetings to ya president! A powerful chap! Raped ten women! I never expected this from him! We all envy!“

This is absolutely genuine quote representing a subhuman creature who ruled Russia for 12 years (4 years of his puppet are included) and, praised by the most of his nation, continues his dictator reign now, cause Russia isn’t even something like troubled Israel, where thugs still get their punishment.

This affection to horrible and disgusting crime favored by rote untermenschen most likely found not only verbal confirmation – russian top dog has already proved the reality of his promise “bash on heads by cudgel” more than once. As well as his essence of lowlife commie thug, who belongs only to roadside gallows.