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Bloody brutes of dictator got their prize for rampage they have done in the beginning of this May, one of reddest months in neo-soviet Russia since the demise of USSR.

My thoughts about those events are posted here.

Dictator’s puppet, mayor of Moscow S.Sobyanin together with Moscow government decided to award uniformed criminals who “were wounded during riot of May 6”.

And prizes for 6 police and OMON criminals who got their “reverse bashing” (including that beaten mad brute at the photo) are 2-room apartments. (sources: lenta.ru, interfax.ru)

With extremely high corruption and inadequate pricing (more $5000/m2 even in worst locations), situation with real estate in Moscow is catastrophic. Most of residents live in overpopulated, outdated and often just dangerous apartments (brick and panel houses of 1950s which never had major overhaul are common).

But just like in 1930s, even in the middle of general poverty and chaos russian government always has resources to promote their whelps.

Benefits and luxury prizes for criminals – this is revolting feature of gruesome russian neo-soviet power. Wannabe-Stalin dictator Putin definitely makes success in his efforts, continuing traditions of his bolshevik ancestry who issued apartments and cars to the blood-spattered leaders of “red terror”.