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Having no slightest liking to glamour and stupidity, I knew there is nothing worth in annual Cannes festival. But this time they went so stupid and self-humiliating in russophilia that it got even my attention. Not every day russophiles are overdoing their red masters.

In category of short films russian one “The road to” of russian VGIK graduate won first prize (jury chairman: Jean-Pierre Dardenne).

This example of russian modern subhuman „art“ has the following story.

Some young russian works as manager in gift shop and lives in rental apartment owner of which is old man obsessed with urine therapy. Protagonist “suffers” from “love” feelings to his colleague but not able to tell her a word about it. Instead of that, every night this russian hoodlum puts on best clothes he has, goes out of the house and yells with all his might. He shouts most dirty and revolting words even existed, language of subhumans from Russia – russian mat.

(Sources of facts: festival-cannes.fr, lenta.ru)

Bravo, dummkopfen. Soon you will be praising each and every drunken russian “emel’ka” yokel in “valenki” and “ushanka” that will appear in your sight.

Just because he is russian.

P.S.(May 27 update)

The results of Eurovision confirmed those words. Only European addiction to Eastern immigrants prevented russians from getting the first prize.