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It does not matter where the red subhuman will go and how civilized this place will be. Untermensch will remain disgusting, aggressive, brainless chauvinist brute everywhere and forever.

Recent actions of russian thugs in Poland were just a single addition into countless number of evidence which shows true essence of russians.

Watch the video here.

Those subhumans announce horde meeting on the day of their neo-soviet lair, 12th of June, right in Warshaw, in the heart of country government of which they murdered.

As well as in their criminal lair, russian neo-bolsheviks abroad are sure that there will be no punishment for their crimes of past and present, both political and small-time (though they are damn similar – Russia is ruled by criminals).

Time to end trendy perverted overhumanity, and treat red brute the only right way it must be treated.