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Rape crime is one of the most favored for russian bolshevik subhumans – both of past and present. Together with drunk carousing (often with fatal results for themselves) and looting, it happens in extremely mass scale during any war which those red half-Mongol savages are involved into.

Numerous sources tell that even women of countries occupied by USSR (and temporarily liberated by Axis forces, like Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States, Romania, etc.) suffered humiliation as well as “enemies” in Europe. Horde of drunk red subhumans, criminal to the bone, looked at every woman as a rape target. It is wide-known (but censored in politically correct popular education) fact that soviet brutes raped even female prisoners whom they were “liberating” from German camps.

The following interview (source: yun.compfile.ru) was given by survivor Maria Alexandrovna Panchenko, born in 1925. During German invasion she was sent to labor camp, but escaped to Pavlograd (Dnepropetrovsk area). In 1943, red thugs returned to Ukraine…

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My English translation:

Survivor: -That was Germans. And ours? You asked me, what ours have done.

Correspondent: -How it started.

S.:-Yes, how it started. First ones came all drunk and hunted for girls to rape them. I was raped. And two of my friends, they are deceased now. That was the soviet army, I hated it and I hate it now! What they have done in Chechnya – killed correspondent (apparently, Hanna Politkovskaya – NvS) for telling the truth. When russian army came, we firstly were so glad for liberators, but they did that things! They are disgusting to me. Russian army and their uniform, even changed, are disgusting to me. That is what russians have done.

C.:-That was in the beginning of war or during later (1943 – NvS) offensive?

S.:-No, during the offensive.

C.:-When the Germans were pushed away.

S.:-When we were “liberated”. Army of liberators. They have done it as they came. They came and begun to catch and doing so. I survived the entire war, was in the camp (German labor camp – NvS), and God had mercy upon me. But ours mocked me after the liberation. That was it. And what good is in this army? Since that time I could not stand them and watch their films…

C:-What’s the… (end of record).

Even if you don’t understand Ukrainian, this is MUST LISTEN thing. There is no need of language skills to hear the grief and anger in the voice of a woman, whose youth was butchered by red subhumans…