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Through passing decades, Russia remains a lair of corruption, inequality and castes. As well as other areas of its society where officials and police involved, driving in Russia is embodiment of most corrupted and perverted subhuman essence one can imagine.

Despite the story I am going to tell about happened several years ago, I am not late with its essence.

This is puppet of KGB dictator Putin, now former russian president Medvedev with his vintage car (badly modified with other cars’ parts M-20 “Pobeda”).

He decided to showoff, how patriotic he is and how he gives a credit to the army of occupants, rapists and looters. Note the “Georgian ribbon”, a symbol used in modern Russia for glorifying unholy triumph of bolshevism, tied to the antenna.

Each time when dictator drives out for showoff ride, license plates are changed. Here are 3 photos of the same car with 3 different license plates.

More detailed unauthentic modifications.

Note the ZIM (GAZ-12) hood ornament. Its red part lights up when main lamps are turned on. It is noticeable fact that soviet regulations at the time of ZIM production prohibited use of red lights at the front part of the car (as well as modern russian laws which didn’t change a lot). A typical example of caste society rules – ZIM was intended for ruling commie elite.

Dictator’s car definitely has no proper documents, because no documents can be legal when plates are changed for every ride. I bet that doesn’t even think about technical inspection permission (which in extremely perverted form is mandatory for all vehicles in Russia, and no vintage car can pass it) as well as “required” insurance for his auto.

But there will be no uniformed russian police dog who will growl and bark at the driver (“YA DOCUMENTS! YA TECHNICAL PERMISSION!!! F…K YA, WRONG CAR, YA UNDER ARREST!!!”) as they do when they see honest drivers, few of which still remain in russian hellhole. Or prevent the car from being driven, yelling about “technical requirements”, extorting bribes.

Dirty subhuman creatures in uniform spare brutality for unprivileged castes, and for their dictators they have slave admiration and subservience.