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I wrote more than once about the main force of russian thuggish neo-soviet regime, armed and trained horde of uniformed “police” chavs who are not only always ready to please any dictator’s will but will never pass an opportunity to brutalize somebody. Today I’ll tell about their free time activity, what they are busy with when not bashing someone’s head “with cudgel” as KGB thug Putin promised.

Like burning animals alive as their owners are forced to watch at gunpoint.

That way, in the beginning of 2011, village Dachnyi near Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod area uniformed thugs and their asshole friends with “veterinarian” licenses had their perverted “fun”.

In traditions of KGB, those sons of bitches came to the stables at night and told owner of stables about some “order” to incinerate all animals. The owner tried to save her stock (six total, including two in foal, and one pony) but OMON thugs forced everyone out. Then their scumbag “vet” friends injected animals with unknown sedative, which left them half-conscious, poured them with gasoline and set them ablaze.

Here is what witnesses say:

“It was very late, we were in the stables, together with me were several girls who used to come and care for horses every day, and suddenly we got “guests”. People in uniform didn’t introduce themselves, they said just “Quarantine” (the former owner).

“Horses were very hurt, they understood everything… The injections likely were too small, they desperately tried to stand up in the fire, but kept failing… They were forced down by tractor’s bucket. They watched us, wanted for us to help and rescue them, but we weren’t allowed. I hate people who did it” (one of the girls mentioned by the owner).

“Horses were burned alive just injected by weak sedatives”.

“There (in stables) were common people and a watchman who was ordered to sit down with a SMG pointed to his head. Everything was against the law, no officials, only masked OMON and local vets, with no documents but just talking about some “order”.

(Source: bspa.lact.ru)

When OMON brutes finished with burning of horses, they shot several cats and dogs who also lived in stables. After this the owner of stables suffered heart attack.

Later vice-director of local “vet supervision committee”, commie cocksucker named Dmitry Nikulin tried to spread his habitual bullshit, rejecting statements of all witnesses amongst which was owner of stables. As true neo-soviet asshole, he called words of horrified witnesses “lies” and claimed that horses were burned as measure to prevent spreading of the African swine fever.

The answer to commie bullshit is HERE.

African swine fever is completely harmless to any living creature except for domestic pigs and their wild “relatives”. Murder of horses as well as other animals (there were numerous reports about similar slaughters all over the area) was made NOT to prevent further spreading of the disease.

It’s hard to imagine for a civilized human, but it is russian reality. Dirty offspring of NKVD-KGB butchers watched as animals slowly die in flames to have the satisfaction which only red subhuman can get, forcing people to look at their atrocities, knowing that no one is able to confront their AK’s.

It’s a wide-known fact that common people in Russia fear police much more than criminals. Such things happen not without a reason – animal abuse is only a little “fun” for uniformed subhuman thugs.

But as all thugs, they are cowards to the bone. Even having assault rifles, SMGs and a couple dozen of themselves (all against a watchman with probably old shotgun, if he had one at all), they came under a cover of night. If suddenly confronted by equal force, OMON subhumans will be begging for own miserable existence, kissing dirt, having heavy stinky pants. Together with their untermensch “vet” buddies.

The most horrible thing in this story is completely no hope for Justice. In subhuman country where thugs are “police”, bribe-loving sadists are “doctors”, drunk imbeciles are “drivers” and small-time corrupt megalomaniacs are “teachers” Justice is considered nothing but “grave offense”.