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Going on with my duty of revealing the true essence of russian subhumans both of past and present, I have decided to give more attention to survivor’ interviews.

There are still few people alive who remember what is it – being overpowered by subhuman red bolshevik brute, the only desire of which is to destroy any humanity and dignity, drowning everyone in endless humiliation.

Though interviews may be not so accurate and full of historical details as documentary reports, they represent suffering of victims far more evidently. Pain, grief and terror are not fading through years; revealing horrors of the past, survivors are forced to go through red nightmare memories against own will – a tormenting trial for the willpower that far not all of the young ones are able to endure.

Those materials won’t be shown in russian-ridden politically correct mass media  handled by enemies of a true History, as well as documentary reports of russian atrocities won’t get into the most of “popular” books.

Watch this interview of survivor who witnessed and suffered russian atrocities in the West Pommerania.