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Diplomatic mission participants in civilized countries are untouchable to local justice, so russian criminals use this to their advantage while politically correct dummies cannot make a single step to protect their own countries, being afraid to insult red subhumans.

Drunk driving is russian national tradition. Their licenses are sold for bribes, as well as right to do everything what those criminals want on the road, including intentional murder “for fun”.

Predatory russian essence of criminal bolshevik subhuman remains the same wherever russian will be and whatever he (or she) is supposed to do.

The YouTube video I saw recently shows one of russian diplomats, who is not different from horde of his fellow lowlife subhuman russians.

This bastard went driving drunken just like in his dirty subhuman country. After escaping roadblock, scratching police car and nearly running over policeman, russian imbecile continued his drunken ride to buy a bottle of favourite bolshevik subhuman beverage – russian vodka. When red bastard finally returned to his home, he was not able even to unlock the door, so drunk he was.

Just look at this fat ugly brainless creature which is sure that the entire world is domain of russian untermensch. This scumbag does not even worth of a bullet to shot or rope to hang it, but took a place of small-time tzar and enjoys his untouchable status.

Behavior of police (by the way, policeman who speaks in the video is russian too) who is ready to lick exhaust pipe of bastard’s car cannot be unnoticed, demonstrating a shame of Estonia and “civilized” Europe.

This is modern justice and “memory” of the past humiliation, which taught Europe nothing.

Words “justice” and “russian” are enemies to each other. There is impossible to make a favor to russian untermensch without spitting on law and order.

Just a single impartial view on spineless cowards who are doing modern politics can result in only one conclusion: they are looking forward for red nightmare to come at their homelands again, and have power of russian criminal dictators upon them.

But do YOU want this too?