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In corrupt subhuman society of Russia, crime, neo-soviet state and business cannot be separated from each other. For mafia supporters of KGB government, so-called “business” is free from most obstacles which are impossible to overcome for businessmen not involved into thuggish “vertical of power”. That way, red lackey of KGB dictator, comissar leader of neo-bolshevik thug horde named “nashi” Vasiliy Yakemenko decided to become pie merchant, starting business in Moscow in his bakery called “Eat the pie”.

But that time, not everything was so good for small-time putinist whelp. At July 2 night, porch of his new place went ablaze. This was done by group of anarchists as “showoff” and in contrast to “lies of opposition leaders about peaceful protest”.

Their methods are appreciated neither by russian slave opposition (who prefer to fight police batons and machineguns with white ribbons) nor by foreign gutless politicians (who think mostly the same but in bigger matters). But there is one thing certain in anarch methods: they really work. They won’t destroy neo-soviet regime, but will remind russian tyrants and their lackeys about vulnerability. Russian official can spit from his office on heaads below in response to “peaceful protest”. Or call loyal uniformed police brutes to solve the problem (as dictator Putin boasted, „bash heads by cudgel“). But when a Molotov cocktail sets neo-soviet lair afire (or flying stone meets a thuggish police head) it’s a very nasty surprise for the red horde.

Pity that this attempt didn’t pursue a destruction of entire place. They should have brought more gasoline and be more daring, like their colleagues who assaulted “United russia” offices some years ago.