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So-called “mysterious national character” of russians is a riddle to many naive Westerners, but its answer is short and clear for those who know the true History or at least possess some common sense.

Its first feature is congenital hatred towards anyone different from their horde of drunken lowlife thugs and whores. Neither ideology nor politics are forcing russians to destroy and harass “others” – it is the essential part of modern russian genotype, created by centuries of serfdom and subsequent 5 generations of Soviet anti-selection.

Eternal genocide of those who are “enemies of the nation”, “extremists”, “too smart”, “too rich”, “too different” “just not like us” etc. is common on all social levels from government to the last shitty village. The exception is possible only for those who get in trouble – most of russians pity unfortunate neighbor, but as soon as he will deal with problems he will become an “enemy” again.

The second feature of russian character is inability (and lack of slightest will) to use the Freedom and have Dignity. The undead tyrannical regime is being restored again and again under different COAs, despite all the efforts of the West to enforce the civil society in Russia. The Voodoo magic for this zombified red monster is nothing but that very “mysterious russian soul”, unable to exist without a tyrant’s whip and Gulag barbed wire at the perimeter. More than 70% of those slaves consider commie thug Stalin “a great leader” and would like to live under his red tyranny for ever.

Demise of USSR was only temporary and Western thoughts about “liberated” russians turned to to be a terrible mistake. Deprived of their commie dictators, reds were feeling neither thankful nor relived. Instead of finally starting to live like people, regret their crimes and protect the Freedom (which they, unlike others, got absolutely for free), red cattle went mad about “evil and sly West” that deprived them “of great and mighty country”. The short period of half-criminal anarchy of 1990s was followed by the hectic restoration of neo-soviet mafia state by its own nation that finally and ultimately proved itself as incurable bolshevik scum.


But contrary to wandering slave masses deprived from ideology and waiting for new USSR to come, different individual representatives of youth generation begun to stand out – the people who decided to choose their own lifestyle. (As far as I knew, most of them were of civilized nations, or “vrag naroda” descent at least partly.) Feeling sick from common similarity of soviet minds and appearances, they chose to join some of youth cultures mostly new to Russia at this time. That was enough to cause the nationwide uproar of russian orcs who went into red psychotic frenzy, seeing there a serious threat to their neo-Soviet state and responding with humiliation, constant harassment, threats and physical elimination of “enemies”.

2008 was the new 1937. The genocide that no one of official “human right” windbags talks about – because it’s not trendy.

At this year, neo-commie “united russia” brutes, together with their neo-komsomol “nashi”, “molodaja gvardija”, “rossija molodaya” and other bitches legislated the nationwide persecution of independent youths, turning the congenital rage of untermensch horde into ordered neo-communist repressions, labeled as “raising up of patriotic and healthy youths”.

Those murderous thugs and terrorists created so-called “law” named “Concept of state politics in the area of spiritual and moral education of Russian Federation youth and protection of their morality” (Original name in Russian: “Концепция государственной политики в области духовно-нравственного воспитания детей в Российской Федерации и защиты их нравственности“).

The wide variety of youth cultures had been proclaimed extremist, outlaw and danger to society. The word “extremist” is most favored by russian uniformed thugs cause in Russia this is the resurrection of “vrag naroda” label (enemy of the nation) from times of Red Terror that allowed to arrest, brutalize, interrogate, jail and execute anyone labeled with it. Just because he (or she) is not a “true soviet/russian” or “doesn’t like the happy socialist paradise”. And amongst the most “dangerous” categories of new “public enemies”, there of course were Goths.

Being a young and newly Embraced Goth at the time of 2008, I felt the unholy power of repressions very soon, by the twist of fate situated at the very center of neo-bolshevist lair – Moscow state university named after Bauman (the breeding house for neo-bolshevik scum). While I am NOT russian by my blood and spirit, this meant “double enemy” for russian untermenschen.

I went through expelling from university, arrests, assaults and deprivation of citizenship. Despite everything, I survived and got my freedom. I did not betray my ideals and beliefs.

Someone met the fate much more dreadful and was mutilated by russian subhumans in police uniform or without it. Many fake convictions were made to jail innocent ones – or just brutalize them to death during torture “interrogations”.

Getting their subhuman dreams legislated, horde of russian thugs rushed towards satisfaction of their low perverted instincts, murdering, raping, mutilating, robbing and taunting, entirely supported by dictator’s regime, their police thugs, officials and the most of nation.

The countless number of younger individuals was forced to suicide by neo-bolshevik scum, whose activists were enforcing the persecution in each and every place. When the new terror started the schoolkids had almost no chance. I was already at the university with enough force and experience to resist, but younger ones had suffered the overwhelming blow of repressions before they could become into personalities firmly standing at their ground.

Blood of all those people is on corrupt hands of KGB pervert dictator Putin, his eternal-commie goons and the nation of russian subhumans.

All those atrocities of neo-bolshevik horde went mostly unnoticed by the most of the world obsessed with political correctness, attempts to improve relations with commie thugs and promotion of always-whacked useless ragdoll russian opposition. There were a few exceptions, of course non-mainstream ones like the news of Alterophobia and Gothic Liberation front. It’s very sad to see both of those good Websites abandoned now.


Commies always have been the masters of forgery and fake. Even being a citizen of Russia you can’t just go and read your own laws and regulations, let alone be updated.

As a true criminal, ruskies often conceal the legislation of new laws. Those abominations cannot even be called laws (recently-legislated hostage “law” is the apotheosis of russian “justice”). But it works on politically correct dummies who believe everything said by ruskies and consider their horde of subhumans “civilized people” just because they said so. Even if they do things completely opposite. There are plenty of mindless fools who neither know their own History nor want to see the evident reality, but ready to believe any word of russian orc chieftans.

Rumors are being spread far and wide about the “concept”, like it was “just an unfortunate attempt of youth politics” and now the entire project is cancelled. It’s just neo-communist bullshit of sold-out kremlin henchmen. Here, their mantras won’t work – I managed to get those almost-secret documents that my good friend spotted on some unofficial pro-government site. It turned out russian slackers just forgot to stop the leak…

The “concept” itself says it’s the long-term multi-stage project planned for 2008-2020 years. The uproar of 2008 that was heard by civilized world was caused only by the initial representation, after which all set of contained laws has been legislated one by one, discreetly from outer world and even russian citizens. After several thuggish raids on youth activists and their Web resources (read about it HERE) and dismembering the structure of resistance, it was much easier than taking the risk of nationwide repressions being noticed by the world community. Though… what this “civilized” community can do even when it knows? Show its another deep concern?

Here are the links to original text of this odious perverted neo-soviet so-called “law project”.

Part 1(.PDF)

Part 2(.PDF)

Part 3(.PDF)

The short annotation (.DOC) is not hard to find but it has only essentials.

Maybe one day I will publish the translations of those materials to demonstrate the evidence of russian neo-soviet crimes against youth generation to all Western world that considers itself civilized, but with each new day is doing more and more favors to embodiment of inborn evil – der rote untermensch.


It has become trendy to love red thugs; russophiles worldwide are singing anthems to “mysterious russian soul” guessing its origins, while in reality the entire “mysterious” russian essence is in own words of ruskies: “Wanna live better than us? Ya too clever? Won’t drink vodka with us? We beat ya!”

Times do change. But if there are unresolved troubles from the past, they must be dealt with the methods that proved their reliability long time ago. Like the hot lead and roadside gallows for the horde of red thugs who went mad from impunity and going to drown the entire world in their bloody neo-communist nightmare after completing the butchery at their place.

There is no forgiveness for those who help russian thugs to conceal their foul deeds.

Crimes of past and present must not be forgotten!

The criminal subhuman horde of bolshevik spawn must be brought to Justice!