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The russian word “Действуй” (Deistwuy) means: “Act!”

When russian neo-soviet thugs begun their nationwide war against free youths, a group of Dark Scene activists created the site with this name to aware the fellow community (which definitely lacked friendship and cooperation) about ongoing danger of repressions.

This site, featuring the archive of evidence, newsreel and forum, was supposed to be the media center of dark scene resistance against neo-soviet rampage.

That was a bold but desperate and doomed attempt in the country where cattle untermensch population is supporting any mad will of neo-soviet dictator and looking forward for the resurrection of GULAG with congenital hatred to freedom and independence.


Creators of this project said that “already on the second day of its activity, the site suffered hacker attack”. It ‘s completely clear who is behind this crime – russian Kremlin is famous with his terrorist tactics both in reality and virtual world. Eternal commies couldn’t miss the creation of the site which was about to reveal their crimes – as it haven’t been done already. But even a single word said against the perverted will of russian thugs turns them rabid.

Do not try to follow the link or contact with “Deistvuy” admins. This side had been destroyed in the first wave of repressions against Goths (summer – autumn 2008) and never restored again. It had no international version and was known for small group of people, being tracked by reds since the moment of appearing – that’s why even the Wayback Machine isn’t a big help (only templates, their manifesto and dead links to evidence can be traced in archives). Before the site could have been archived, it was just wiped out by mercenary hacker thugs.

Now almost no one remembers about the project “Deistvuy”, which has been destroyed far before it could manage to serve its purpose. In those grim days when bloody neo-soviet bastards exterminated the Gothic youth culture in Russia to the miserable bunch of always-agreed slaves, only insignificant forgotten comments and news, which accidentally left in the Web since the creation and short time of “Deistvuy” activity are the reminder about its existence. The number of those materials continues to decrease.

Taking the entire Internet under its control is an old dream of ruskies. In serf Russia this already happened, but russian untermenschen are still too drunk and too dumb for the civilized world . Their favorite methods of hacking are hacking opponent’s head open with tire iron or seize his (or her) PC during terror raid. In russian hellhole this does the trick, but when the assault is planned abroad, russian subhumans can send only a couple of sold out hacker dogs or a horde of drunk trolls who are skilled only in shit-throwing and demonstrating a pea size of their brains.

Despite all the brutality of russian red subhumans, people who are fighting against the neo-soviet terror are not all wiped out. Some were murdered by bloody brutes; some shamefully give up their ideas, but not everybody.

Regardless of the russian repressive machine power, resistance will always be.

Now I’d like to say to Russia, its KGB thugs, police brutes and horde of untermensch:




To show my contempt to russian repressive system and provide an evidence of neo-soviet atrocities, I’ve made a translation of “Deistvuy” site manifest, originally written in Russian. Names of authors are unknown to me.  Original text is still available HERE.

“In Russia, the state politics of oppression and extermination of informal cultures and their members is going on. Militsija1 carries out arrests, beatings and creating database with photos and fingerprints of subculture followers2, in schools non-common appearance is being banned, in the mass media negative stereotypes are being overblown and so on… With further purpose to legislate repressions against youths they dislike, in June of 2008 the State Duma of Russian Federation promoted the project of law “Concept of state politics in the area of spiritual and moral education of Russian Federation youth and protection of their morality.” The project will be discussed in this autumn again and then given to president for final aproval. Under the cover of “care about children’s morality”, the “concept” was made to increase ideological state control upon people, violating basic human rights and freedoms. It is an offer to root out the values “foreign to the state”, ranked by officials in particular the informal youth cultures of Goths and Emo, and such kinds of self-expression like piercing and tattoo. During the course of pursuing a goal of creation “stable national mentality” and “spiritual-moral health of nation” the necessity of “patriotic” youth education and admission of “Orthodox culture” is pointed out as a mandatory school subject. “Concept” predicts the transformation of already totalitarian Russia to fascist state3. Country is sunk into the dictator regime of cattle thugs – they are sitting in the government and accepting laws, while street thugs, supported and directed from above, often equipped with militsija shoulder boards for that purpose are watching that no one will be out of incubator. Petty dictators, supervisors of schools, can’t wait to demonstrate their authority and loyalty to system. Without waiting until the legislation of “concept”, they already ban non-common appearance, forbid “informal” teenagers to attend classes, forcing them to visit psychologists etc4. The admission of “concept” will be used as a legal cover for enforcement of already existing violence against informal cultures members, on both social and state levels, and free-minded youths will be exterminated even with more ardor than before.

It is mandatory to not allow legislation of “concept” and resist to xenophobia politics towards informal youth cultures.

Support the site! Send your materials for publication on site info@deistvuy.com: cases of discrimination, police brutality and of our general topic, as well as suggestions for protest meetings.“

1. Name of russian police before recent reform. It was changed, but the essence of thugs in uniform remained the same.

2. Absolutely true. Since 2008, russian police is deliberately targeting dark scene with planned brutality. So-called “Operation neformal” is a regular mass arrest and atrocities campaign since the 2008 summer; each local police office has a database where “informal youths” are documented as criminal and “extremist” personalities.

3. More likely, neo-bolshevik state, where brutal hatred to best ones regardless of ethnicity is an essence of society rotten to the bone. Where lowlifes, thugs and commie butchers are the masters.

4. In post-soviet Russia, there never was a federal standard of school or university uniform. Nevertheless, „petty tyrants“ are feeling free to forbid things they do not like just on their personal preferences, especially when promoted by neo-soviet state itself. I was a witness of Gothic attire bans is schools since 2005, while dressing (and behaving) like whores and chavs caused no trouble. Russian universities, especially technical ones, have the same policy.

Since there is no project dedicated to ultimate revealing of russian crimes against the dark scene, I proudly take this mission as my one. If you have the evidence concerning the brutality of russian subhumans, or want to share your own experience, feel free to contact me.

 Kämpft für die wahre Freiheit gegen neue rote horde!