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Despite the imbecility of russians who are unable to create anything with their own efforts, repressive system they have is the most powerful in the world.

Repressions, persecutions, atrocities, destruction of any civilized culture are obsession of eternal red subhuman. After some years of chaos, neo-soviet russian chauvinists returned to their favorite job and decided to root out everything that does not match their untermensch “culture” of vodka, valenki, balalaika and drunk fights followed by copulation and grunting in dirt. Their “edinaya rossiija” is a new KPSS in this rampage.

But even the USSR with its reasonless bans and persecutions, has never been enough for ruskies who just love serfdom and think that everyone must do the same. After repressions against dark scene, russian lust for further atrocities just increased further, while it hadn’t met no adequate resistance from civilized countries.

Speaking of which, Japan is the one of few who didn’t bow down in front of neo-soviet beast, despite the recent Fukushima catastrophe and all the casualties.

Enraged like mad dogs by rejection of historical injustice and intentions to return the native Japanese territory, russians decided to strike a new blow of hammer and sickle – now on Japanese Anime culture.

Their Duma “source” named Nikolay Sedov, a head of “culture and morality committee” (sic!) announced a new “law project”, which is called: “About full ban of production, sale and distribution of Japan animation pictures and comic books (Anime and Manga) on the territory of russian federation; ban of mass events of this genre.”

Here is what this “source” barked out in the interview:

“Characters distorted as caricatures, drawn to style foreign to us, are making various unholy things at the screen. The personality of a child is not able yet to resist against bright attractiveness of vices being propagandized, and parents, unfortunately, often do not know, what exactly their children are watching under the name of cartoons. At the moment when Japan aggression is growing, we can’t afford cult creation of culture hostile to us”.

It is not a first attempt of ruskie chauvinists to ban everything “foreign” and “hostile”. Those subhumans claim that their so-called russian “culture” is highly moral and full of chastity. But how “moral” it is in reality, one can judge easily.

What kind of culture can praise thugs and bloody butchers?

What kind of culture is able to create the most perverted intolerance and chauvinism ever existed, targeting all people who do not want to drink up with vodka and become dirty cattle?

What kind of culture raised up several generations of brainless serf criminals, murderers, rapists, looters, drunkards, thieves and whores?

Parliamentary discussion of this project is expected in the middle of 2012 autumn. I will try to track and update the story, but with typical russian style of KGB legislation for their repressive “laws” it can be next to impossible. But leaks happen, just like it was with their anti-Gothic “concept”.

P.S. If Anime is hostile to russians now as well as Gothic, than Gothic Anime must be twice hostile to those red subhumans. So, I absolutely must post some pictures of this kind.