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In the modern world obsessed with perverted kumbaya ideas of love for everyone, anathema to force and masochist condemning of Dignity it became damn trendy to beg thugs. The more self-humiliating certain action is, the harder it is being repeated by thousands of non-violent begging fanatics. Like a cult for “human right” organizations and activists.

Despite of countless crimes committed by soviet and russian regimes, always supported nationwide by serf population, there are still plenty of those who consider that huge repressive system powered by serfdom-lovind thug nation and controlled by KGB can be stopped with begging, smiles, paper slogans, kumbaya talks etc. The more perverted and sadistic russian neo-soviet crimes are becoming, the more gutless politically correct opponents become in return.

It’s also damn trendy now to do something without thoughts and consideration, as well as without facing responsibility for own deeds, let alone words. Something as stupid as begging mad brute for Justice – thing as smart as attempt to scare a rabid dog away with own naked arse.

Recent russian persecutions of Pussy Riot band members once again proved the foolishness of those who hope to beg russian subhumans for mercy.

Today, the sentence has been announced: 2 years of prison to each of girls (of course russian serfs met that with drunken joyful cheers).

Not something particularly new for such country as Russia, where a genocide of independent young people was legislated in 2008.

But this doesn’t bother “human right” hypocrites and their junkie supporters in a slightest. While criminals with and without uniform were murdering, raping, robbing, mutilating people for having appearance different from “normal” russian chavs, while innocent ones were convicted as “extremists” and condemned as public enemies, while the entire repressive system of subhuman country crushed young lives of those who tried to live in freedom, they were silent and meek.

Now they are screaming about “human right violations”. From useless hypocrites, they have become worthless dummies. Silence for pitiful begging, a nice change indeed.

From the very beginning, it was clear that PR girls are persecuted neither for desecration of “sacred” place (with all corruption ROC is boasting, it is as sacred as public outhouse) nor for hooliganism. The only reason is speaking the truth in non-mainstream harsh way. The truth about russian thug dictator, KGB chav named Putin and as his pseudo-Orthodox lapdogs. All those “court” proceedings are one big predefined show, where even the best attorney couldn’t do anything.

For example, here are quotes from medical expertise of PR members done in russian court proceedings recently.

„Mixed personality (psychotic) disorder: active life position and will to self-expression“

“Mixed personality disorder” as “persistence and insistent defending of own opinion”

“Showoff, overblown self-esteem, extra pretentiousness with tendency to controlling behavior and protest”

“Tendency to opposing forms of behavior”

(Source: zet-news.ru, some blogs)

That was official medical “expertise”. I doubt that politically correct dummies paid any attention to the fact that having active position or own opinion (to cut it short, being a PERSONALITY) is recognized as psychotic disorder in Russia.

Nation of commies is enemy of ANY HUMAN personality. No matter with good or bad manners, Aristocrat or punk, Goth or hipster. If somebody doesn’t want to be amongst brainless always-drunk horde of chavs praising KGB dictator, he (or she) is doomed to be declared an insane person or just a criminal by neo-soviet regime, supported nationwide.

Revenons à nos moutons. Or exactly, herd of kumbaya singers.

I wonder did they ever deign to bother themselves with several simple facts. Even if impossible will happen and their begging will cause the release of political prisoners, then:

1)      No one of criminals responsible for unlawful persecution and irreversible changes in victims’ personalities (caused by police brutality, unjust court proceedings, unlawful incarceration) will be under punishment. Indeed, they will keep their places and continue to break human lives with doubled ardor, angry at being forced to release someone;

2)      A repressive regime crushing hundreds of people everyday will not stop, releasing a tiny number of victims just for showoff (for those who are foolish enough that PR will change everything. They are not a kind of milestone of neo-soviet repressions, neither they are followers of true Liberty – but the latter thing is already another story).

3)      What kind of life awaits them in repressive country, where “free” life is worse than jail in civilized world?

4)      How it’s possible to stop a horde of rampant red subhuman thugs that created the USSR and neo-soviet Russia, willingly choosing endless red tyranny, preserving hositlity towards all kinds of civilization and culture?

Now russians are butchering rare personalities in their country, but just like his mad predecessor Stalin, KGB chav Putin has much bigger plans for the world domination. And begging is certainly not a way to make him regret own actions, that’s why political correctness can’t stand plain facts from History (let alone common sense). There is only one way to stop russian injustice – FEUER UND SCHWERT!