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The theme of russische schweine became a sacred cow for politically correct world obsessed with ideas of fake equality between honest people and thugs. But my Website is a slaughterhouse for the sacred cows.

Though wreck of MS Costa Concordia has been a minor accident compared to ones used to happen in the past, news about it spread all over the world. But most of mass media kept one of facts related to this wreck in silence, being afraid to insult russian untermensch.

Essence of russian criminal subhuman remains the same despite of place, time and circumstances. Crime, dirt, violence, briability, injustice are brought by russians everywhere they are going to. Social class does not matter here – lowlife tourists in Turkey and Egypt have nothing different from oligarch scum in Western Europe.

But with more money ruskies are able to make more crime. That happened at Costa Concordia.

During the evacuation, those vile scumbags bribed crew members to have places in lifeboats, leaving women and children as well as wounded people at the mercy of wrecked structure and sea.

“I went to the boats as I saw them coming in expecting to see women, children and the injured but all I saw were healthy men and elegant women in evening gowns who were speaking Russian.” – said one of local witnesses;

“The disabled were left to fend for themselves” – quote from words of passengers.

Also, multiple witnesses from passengers said about „wads of cash“, given by russian thugs to lackeys from the crew.

Russians are not humans. But those bastards who accepted dirty money of russian crimninals, murderers and thieves, giving them places in lifeboats, are creatures even worse than reds themselves.

Russian lackeys must be hanged together with their masters. About a meter lower so they will be able to kiss russian ass even in death.

Sources of facts: blogs.wsj.com, The Sun, ipvnews.org.