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There is nothing surprising that ones who have fame in the country of red cattle, embody absolute depravity, moral degradation and abominations hardly even imaginable by civilized mind. With this anti-moral attire, they easily go below (hypocritically calling that above) the rest of russian subhumans, who envy this very scum of scum in front of TV’s. Both politicians and celebrities have the same filthy essence of their nation, which is described most clear by single term:

Der untermensch.

A serial pedophile and rapist, russian showman named Igor Kondratyev (stage name Konstantin Krestov) committed a long row of filthy and vile rapes. His targets mostly were underage and young girls. Following national traditions in Russia, that fat ugly bastard remained unpunished bribing investigation and court, until he committed rape in 2010. Then scumbag was arrested again. Either he was out of money or criminal connections, he as a true russian cowardly creature was afraid to wet pants of possible responsibility. So, the dirty pedophile tried to forge psychical disorder during 2 years of so-called investigation, which was bribed not enough for full and immediate release.

Even doctors who saw everything in the asylum called that russian „a real sh#tass“, because the untermensch was constantly drinking urine and besmearing himself with feces.

The mockery of justice – russian court corrupted to the bone, sentenced the subhuman to 2 years of jail, which he already spent in madhouse making “sh#tterapy” on himself. So, the walking abomination is about to be released in September.

I hope that he will walk into some russian subhuman like himself and they will eliminate each other.

Source: eg.ru