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Not so long ago, eternal bolsheviks proudly demonstrated to the world their ugly essence of subhumans again, without any shame.

Russians always were famous with “quality” of their military mechanisms. Vehicles leaving trail of oil and small parts behind, self-exploding tanks and self-ignited ships, rockets with random engine behavior et cetera. I could have told about bolshevik army which after having a meal from rotten maggot-infested meat went to battle without pants and weapons, but modern russians went even further. (You can read about mentioned events in the book of V.V. Beshanov “Staff is everything”/В.В. Бешанов – Кадры решают всё).

Now russian reds overfilled with drunken national subhuman pride decided to abandon even such miserable attempts to copy weapons of civilized armies.

Promoted by neo-bolshevik power, all kinds of russian scum are challenging in perverted demonstration of their imbecilism, which they are calling patriotism. The more degenerated, stupid and drunken red untermensch is, the more benefits he has from unholy government and population of subhumans.

Drunken russian imbecile from St. Petersburg named Alexandr Semenov was granted a patent on his armored vehicle – a russian tank of future.

It is about to make an existence of russian degenerates a lot easier – tankmen of this vehicle now are no longer required to mess with shells, risking to blow themselves up. Instead of shells, russians will be using their own feces, which they must put into special capsules for loading in the sh#tgun. This drawing from patented russian blueprint shows the triumph of subhuman mind – russisch panzerscheisser.

Both army and civilian russians met this with drunken roar and grunting of support. Because contents of panzerscheisser “ammunition” are single thing that russian untermennschen are able to provide with guarantee.

Sources: The Guardian, Interfax