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Being experienced and familiar with different cars in the long family tradition, I don’t consider sitting behind the wheel something extraordinary that requires unique skills.

Despite the bullshit of corrupt scumbag officials who mean with “You will never be permitted to drive” usually “gimme some-hundred bucks and license is ya”, every civilized human is able to drive with hard will and proper training.

But there are creatures that are not even able to walk like humans.

Their home is the neo-bolshevik dirty lair of corruption, crime and injustice named Russia.

Together with criminal police, those red bastards took away right to drive from a few honest people that still exist in their russian hellhole.

Honest drivers are deprived of licenses, arrested and imprisoned because of minor violations, where no one is injured. Or not granted licenses at all because entire license stock is immediately sold away for bribes right after “raw materails” arrive.

Meanwhile, for all kinds of subhuman scum as criminals, imbeciles, drunkards, drug addicts etc. everything is allowed. Each and every red bastard has a license and a car if he manages to get sober enough to give a bribe to some russian dirty police dog.

Even trained animals drive better than russian untermenschen. Animals can make mistakes but do this without malicious intent. Russian scoundrel at the driver’s seat is always a nightmare. In that case, complicated and powerful mechanism of a car is controlled by brainless mad creature packed with congenital lust for crime, murder, abuse and injustice, without a slightest feeling of responsibility or common sense.

Since the demise of USSR and rapid increase of russian traffic with the help of used and new cars’ import, number of gruesome road accidents in Russia enlarged proportionally. Almost all of them are driver-related. Brainless drunken creatures are challenging in their stupidity and aggression – the result is predictable.

The recent accident that I am going to tell about is the apotheosis of russian essence – impunity, brutality, impudence and showoff splurge with abominations.

Somewhere in Nizhegorodsk area, group of red cattle was celebrating something in common russian tradition – drinking their dumb heads off. When they went out of “fun”, they decided to fun themselves with drunk driving.

On huge speed their Subaru rammed a roadside parked “Niva” (russian made SUV) which rolled over, killing a couple that was inside. The Subaru of murderers received only minor damage; scumbags didn’t even got a scratch.

Instead of common hit and run, russian subhumans remained at the crime scene, went out of the car and continued their carousing, drinking, dancing and yelling right next to still warm corpses.

They were completely sure that there will be no justice upon them. Afterwards, they proudly published their own made video of crime scene carousing in the Internet.

Of course russian police dogs didn’t even make the proper arrest („making face familiar with asphalt“). Drunken leader of subhuman bastard assholes was treated like a pregnant sissy. He wasn’t even handcuffed and russian policemen carried away this walking abomination like their fellow colleague. Well, this is relatively true – russian police are criminals to the bone themselves. While innocent ones are arrested, tortured and brutalized, thugs and murderers are friends of russian cops.

Here is the VIDEO LINK (HTTPS) to the newsreel (before and after crash), where you can see all this.

As conclusion, I’d like to say something to you all. Yes, YOU who are reading this article from some (still) civilized country without giving a damn to russian nightmare and maybe even calling red subhumans people.

Call them whatever you want, the essence of rote untermensch will remain the same. And with all welcoming treatment for russian scum, they will come to your country someday. Maybe those bastards you’ve just seen in the video, maybe their lowborn congeners.

This already happened in Switzerland, when drunken russian subhumans injured a native, got away and had no punishment.

Or in Baltic states, where each and every russian drunken subhuman or his fellow “Matti”, a traitor of nation, has driving license and license plates bought for bribe, while honest people are forced to ride bicycles.

Or in U.S.A, where russian subhumans use license plates with their favorite words – “russian mat”.

And in various other countries where russian scumbags that can be corrected only with a rope or bullet, meet no resistance in their nightmare mission of drowning the entire world in their red injustice.

If you won’t take action, you will be next for being mocked, humiliated or killed just for fun by drunken russian imbeciles driving a car, while all permitted for you by their official friends will be some miserable pedal-powered crap.