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Justice sometimes happens, even in russian-ridden and corrupted places.

That way it happened at last Sunday night in Los Angeles. There is nothing unusual about russian-ridden atmosphere in this city of crime, which attracts russian scum from all over the U.S.A.

After drinking their dumb heads off by eternal bolshevik tradition, three russians – Jason Schmelnik, Ekaterina Botvinieva and Pavel Volodkovich (driver) decided to have a drunk ride, as they always do everywhere without giving a damn to speedometer or any rules.

At Ventura boulevard, drunk subhuman behind the wheel completely lost the control, rammed several trees and ended up crashed into local pizzeria. The gas line of the building exploded from the impact and ignited the car which stuck at the spot, blocking red drunkards inside.

Those russians bought their driving licences and right to live in civilized country for bribes, spreading their national crime and abomination everywhere, thinking that there will be no punishment for them.

But in this case they definitely punished themselves. When firefighters and police arrived, they found just black crisps instead of red russian bastards.

Source of news: losangeles.cbslocal.com