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Vigilance is one of the basic keywords for my project. Being on guard where the West neglects their brains, revealing the evident facts which are silenced by russian-ridden media and sold out politicians, bringing the evidence no matter how horrible or disgusting it can be, to public knowledge.
Whatever those gruesome facts are, stunning any unprepared mind in shock of terror, they have one general feature: der rote untermensch ist ewige. (The red subhuman is eternal.)

“Civilized” world and human right hypocrites are likely too busy with promotion of their useless activists and defence of perverts’ and parasites’ interests to notice the rampage of neo-soviet brutes and essence of red untermensch.

One of typical russian brutalities took place recently right in the filthy heart of unholy neo-bolshevik land. In Moscow (Novokosino area, Starostina street), where Protestant church was assaulted, robbed, desecrated and destroyed by the order of russian KGB government. With the cheerful grunting of subhuman horde.

At 6 September midnight, gang of russian drunken bastards (from 40 to 50 total), protected by uniformed (police) thugs assaulted the church, arrested the only female watch staff, threatening with their favorite abominations “russian mat” and imprisoned her. Dirty red subhuman brutes desecrated Sacred Scripture, destroyed holy altar, looted all the property and stole money of the church, holy items and electronics. Finally, they vandalized and half-demolished the building with excavator. They were intended to use Molotov C.T., but were so drunk and obsessed with looting that forgot it lying around.

As always russian untermenschen and their own country were, cowardly, vile and corrupted to the bone, those criminals are not the exception. Coming for their brutality at night, those dirty subhuman bastards had chosen a time where no resistance will be, fearing for their own miserable red asses, and attacked a single woman with crowd. They kept covering their true identities, louting in response that they are “bailiffs” and “militias” (while kept desecrating the Church, filling their pockets with stolen property and chewing stolen chocolate that was prepared for parish schoolchildren), swearing with “russian mat”, insulting everyone, being sure in their impunity, protected by police thugs and stoning ones who tried to take photos. The main bastard mockingly named himself “Elvis Presley”, while other assholes cheered him up with drunken “russian mat”.

Some time later, the priest (Vasilij Romanuk) with no more church to turn gathered his parish at church ruins to serve Holy Mass, and was arrested by neo-chekist police brutes for “unlawful meeting”.

Look at those photos to see true ugly face of neo-bolshevik Russia and its crimes!
(source: cerkovst.ru)

Ruins at night of raid.

Bastard on wheels.

Dirty criminals in uniform.

Writing on the white heart says “Patience”. No comments.

Destroyed church at night.

Torn and desecrated page from New Testament.

All the literature from church was treated like trash. This reminds me of russian looting in Germany. Title of this book says “Life of Jesus Christ and history of the first church”.

What looters could not steal, they were destroying at the spot.

The safe which criminals failed to break or carry away.

The other safe, gutted open and looted by russian thugs.

Ruins at daylight.

Inside the ruins.

Remains of the facade.

Pity that there isn’t clear who are attackers and not enough photos of them. Site admins of the Church are surprisingly meek and patient. Photos of red criminals must be revealed to the entire world.

I have no slightest understanding to those who after being mocked, humiliated and robbed by red subhumans, pray for this country of anti-Christ untermenschen, whose eternal mission is to destroy all civilized and enslave the world. But crimes of russians must be revealed – I doubt that somebody from this parish will ever write in world language about russian brutality.
Black Anarchists who regularly destroy equipment of russian neo-bolsheviks and police brutes are acting far more better that meek civilians. At least, they show red thugs that they are not untouchable.

When I knew about this crime, I remembered the other similar case immediately – assault of russian untermenschen in uniform on Catholic Cathedral in 1995. When Holy Mass was desecrated. When unarmed people, including nuns and priests were beaten, dragged and thrown from Cathedral. But this requires a separate article which I will publish someday.

I definitely sure that one well-placed shot right in the kisser of gang leader would had been able to made red scum run away, losing their weapons and crapping uniform pants. But the best weapon against gang of drunk russian communist savages is a good old MG 42 with big box of ammo.

Meanwhile, russian pseudo-Orthodox, KGB-ridden so-called “church” headed by putin’s dog, being promoted by neo-bolsheviks, in return promotes stalinist world domination ambitions of russians.

After showing the world how “bold” they are with police dirty dogs, chauvinist slave nation, bribed courts and KGB repressive machine against unarmed Christians and peaceful protesters, russian red swines decided to put their dirty hands at the whole North Pole.

At 13th of September, russian arctic expedition made a final action of political Satan worshiping ritual, which was intended to “consecrate” the entire North Pole. They put into the sea memorial capsule with words “With a blessing of patriarch of Moscow and all the Russia Kirill, consecration of North pole signs 1150th anniversary of russian state”
Those pseudo-Christian neo-bolsheviks do not even cover their intentions and alliance between KGB power and church, saying that the event is “all-church” as well as “nationwide”.

Modern russian 3-colored bolshevism differs from its red predecessor only with its open and tight alliance with sold-out, corrupt, unholy pseudochurch structure. Too bad some cheap showoff is enough to fool Western population, who use to think about russian red vodka-consuming chauvinist brute savages as they are “civilized and Christian nation”.

Nothing helps to russian neo-soviet thugs more than weakness and foolishness of those who must be vigilant. If the West won’t wake up, it most likely will find itself inside a new GULAG very soon.

SIEG oder bolschewismus!