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Eternal commies have a noticeable feature: the higher their world domination ambitions are, the lower are their skills necessary for it. With common russian cannon fodder tactics, this gives predictable results of everyday KIAs without any bettles. This is going through ages together with essence of red untermensch.

In memoires of E. Kersnovskaya, anyone can read about “glorious” red army, which was leaving behind itself a trail of corpses and mangled metal.

“Dirty camouflaged tanks and tankettes were standing all over the Tsepilovo village road, here and there at the roadside. Black oil puddled the dust, and dirty crewmen were repairing something. One car broke down at the crossroads, near our house. Something black was leaking from it, and village guys joked, giggling and punching each other:

-Just like sheep: making puddles right where they stand!”

“Near the Soroki bridge, about 50 meters before it, there was a truck turned at its side. Next to the car was a soldier’s corpse…”

(What’s a human being worth? Vol.1. In the Bessarabia)

And here is the result of russian motorized infantry brigade №19 training named “Kavkaz-2012”, that took place in occupied Tskhinvali region. (Source: rus.expertclub.ge)

3 tanks, 20 IFVs and most of engineering vehicles were unable to move at all. Gathering the least inoperable vehicles, “glorious” ruskies went towards Tskhinvali. On this march, they disarmed two tanks by breaking apart turret cannons (this happens when cannon collides with terrain during reckless driving), destroyed one tank completely (just dropping it down from the bridge) and damaged one IFV, messing with its engine. One more IFV together with trailer truck fell to its crash from the mountain as well as gasoline tanker “Ural”, and one ruskie blew himself up playing with grenade.

Adventures of red horde didn’t finish together with the move. They drowned 2 IFVs (BMP-3) in the training field river, and added one more IFV to their losses at shooting range, trying to start its engine without oil.

They still have several vehicles left – quite outstanding for such masters of self-destruction. But they still have to make a way back, which they are about to finish on foot. If ruskies will make it at all – when they have explosives, this is especially debatable.