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At 3rd of October, a tragic event happened.

Parliament elections in Georgia, the country which had been a stronghold of anti-russian resistance for years, ended up in the victory of pro-russian neo-bolshevik henchmen, headed by russian lackey Boris (Birdzina) Ivanishvili.

When Poland resisted to neo-bolshevik aggression, russian brutes murdered Lech Kaczyński and his government. In Baltic states and now Georgia, scenario goes other way: those countries are destroyed slowly through corruption and deception.

Promoted both by russian criminal structures, in which he established good relations during 1990s and sold out russophiles abroad, politically correct organizations like NED and horde of red henchmen (like “Georgians” who were calling Saakashvili “hangman” and swearing at him with “russian mat” in New York), Ivanishvili’s party “Georgian Nightmare Dream” won with 53,19%. Now-opposition Saakashvili’s “United National Movement” gained 41,51% votes.

One of main arguments of those so-called opposition and indignant immigrants is recently revealed video of prison tortures. But this was only miserable demagogy of well-known production, which had not even covered true intentions of russophiles, who were accusing Saakashvili in war crimes committed by Russia. Favorite russian method, by the way: they were accusing opponents in their own crimes since 1917.

Several simple questions will never be answered by red untermenschen, but definitely will provoke some thought for people who still did not lose ability to think.

1)      What is personal connection between Mikheil Saakashvili, United National Movement and tortures made by several corrupted policemen?

2)      Is criminal, dictator russian regime of russian hellhole, where tortures and murder are everyday reality and “fun” of police and FSB brutes in uniform, better than regime where tortures are punishable crime?

3)      Is it normal that a person deprived of Georgian citizenship, but with wealth created in russian mafia relations, shortly after parliament elections victory offers President to resignate and openly declares his wish to “normalize relations with Russia”, the empire of neo-bolshevism?

4)      Where the hell those New York immigrants were, when russian neo-bolshevik horde was butchering Georgian civilians and enslaving their native land during 2008 war? Drinking vodka with their russsian “comrades” in cozy U.S.A or maybe, supported South Ossetia russophile traitors?

But after all there is still a hope that ones who protected the sovereignty of Georgia in 2008, being not afraid of red brute, will not give up. 41.51% is not a little number, and Georgia is still not out of its national spirit, like it happened in most of Europe.

For Ivanishvili, serving his red masters will not be such easy as it is for someone like Savisaar or his “ti#la” sidekicks. Especially while he tries to please pro-Western public simultaneously with his fake promises. Many of kremlin lackeys were slapped by their masters even for much less significant “misbehaving”.