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6 years ago, at October 7, 2006, in KGB neo-soviet Russia one of most significant, brave and bold opponents of red nightmare was murdered.

Her name is Anna Politkovskaya. She dared to reveal one of most forbidden topics in neo-soviet Russia: war crimes of russian army in Chechnya.

The day when Politkovskaya was murdered, is a birthday of russian KGB dictator Putin.

Nation of slaves is celebrating birthday of its unholy dictator with traditional russian drinking, mass worship and obligatory showing of loyalty to neo-soviet tzar. Horde of lackeys was hastily making up all kinds of perverted buffoonery to demonstrate their slavery: huge meetings of pro-government horde, public “message board”, cards for wishes to dictator, dirigibles with slogans, public confessions in love to KGB pedophile, et cetera. For the youngest part of russians who are not able to worship by their own will yet, that was drawings. Schoolchildren were forced to portray untermensch leader at their Art lessons in government-ridden schools.

Red brute persecutes everyone who tries to bother his drunken unholy day carousing with attempts to remember “vrag naroda” Politkovskaya and her heroic resistance.

When small group tried to commemorate memory of brave journalist, Moscow administration in fact banned meeting, setting up limit of 200 participants, with traditional metal detectors, fence and police dogs at the perimeter – and all this, from several attempts to get permission. Those who gathered there, were mostly “intelligentsia”, which always were mumbling in patience and fear in front of red brute. Rare sparks of fading truth were appearing at several posters but very soon arrests and brutality followed.

This is so common for Russia so you should possibly be wondering why I am telling about it.

Murderers of Politkovskaya, Estemirova and countless other people who resisted are still free and unpunished, despite all hypocritical showoff investigation. Red untermensch KGB brute dictator Putin and his Chechen sidekick, criminal whelp Kadyrov – a traitor of his nation, are enjoying their power, obedience of russian slaves and weakness of “civilized” countries, who are sinking into the corruption of political correctness, russophilia and homosexuality.

Neo-bolshevik leader had a murder of Politkovskaya as his birthday gift. No civilized mind is able to understand motivation of this crime, because perverted, corrupted brutality of bolsheviks and their unholy progeny are beyond any civilized imagination. Being a president, Putin tries to pretend as civilized man (but less with each new day). But his lackey from Checnya did not even tried to hold himself from barking “You are enemy and must be shot!” to unarmed woman, while he was interviewed in his compound, surrounded by his armed henchmen.

This is russian method – threats to unarmed ones, demonstration of crowd force against single personality, fighting with opponent who is tied.

And they put their plan into action. Such person as Politkovskaya could not had been left to live in Russia, and as countless times before, russian brutes committed their crime with perverted sadistic pleasure that only they can have from others’ suffering.

Speaking of all that, I can’t miss those who came to the birthday of putin’s whelp, traitor of his nation, bloody thug Kadyrov in 2011. I won’t name russian asslicking celebrities here cause there is no difference between common and famous russian slaves. But there were many of those who are very likely sick from their freedom, civilization and human nature; which they abuse, bowing down in front of neo-soviet criminal henchman of dictator. Ones like Jean-Claude Van Damme, who publically confessed in his love (sic!) to the thug. Or Vanessa Mae, who got from dirty hands of the brute half-million dollars. Or Hillary Swank, who firstly was very happy to worship the brute, but quickly turned sides when saw enraged human rights hypocrites and pretended like “she didn’t knew” what was going on in Chechnya. Or German MDR ballet troupe, who acted the similar way.

In 2012, more celebrities decided to show their loyalty to red brute Kadyrov: Gerard Depardieu, Ornella Muti, Craig David, Steve Edwards, Ingrid. This is not a complete list and sources are not easy to find, so bunch of russophilic dummies is definitely bigger.

I doubt that the knowledge would have changed minds of those sold out bastards. They follow the trend, which is bowing down in front of red untermensch, pretending simultaneously to be everybody-loving politically correct homophile. Well, sometimes their attempts to satisfy everyone go so perverted that they end up in the middle of angry mob, whose “idyllic peace” was disturbed. Quite miserable thing to look at, especially when red threat is rising up again, charging towards West and criminals of neo-soviet Russia still have their power.

But this site is for those who can think, and here is the link for photo gallery:


6 years since foul murder. 12 years since KGB thug came out to political scene.

Would had the History went other way, if the neo-soviet brute Putin, a bolshevik subhuman being, was not born 60 years ago?

Never. There is an entire russian nation of predatory bolsheviks, who cannot exist without dictator thug upon themselves. Those eternal slaves will immediately fill up a vacant place with a new human-like abomination, if something or somebody will deprive them of dictatorship and red tyranny.

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