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Political rampage of russian neo-bolsheviks who are being encouraged not only by their KGB criminal dictator but with drunken roar of entire nation of red slaves, gets new perverted forms, which resemble its predecessors from 1930’s more and more with each new day. The only difference of that red rabies from common one that it cannot be transferred by bite of russian neo-bolshevik. Or can, but when mad reds appear it’s better not to give them a chance and just do the same that usually is being done with rabid dogs.

During construction of new subway stations in St. Petersburg, architects decided to name one of them after capital of Romania – Bucharest (in russian “Bukharestskaya”).

Horde of enraged russian red orcs reacted immediately. Their ministry of foreign affairs (“MID”) was hopping mad about the project, growling and barking that Romania is “not a friendly”, “NATO-oriented” country with “stagnated” relations to them and they won’t allow such a name for station.

Those rote untermenschen have quite short memory. When reds came to Romania in 1944, Romanian government ordered immediate surrender, and army scattered in fear. Being not a very good warriors (About their bravery one can read in memoir of Hans-Ulrich Rudel “Stuka pilot”), Romanians betrayed their German and Magyar allies finally in 1944, and turned weapons against them. But this had not saved Romanian civilians from atrocities of bolshevik horde (here is a lesson to those who are afraid of reds).

Now, red brutes are ready to tear their Romanian comrades apart. But there is nothing surprising in it. That’s just common red rabies.

Everyone (not only in Romania) must know: the more concessions are made towards neo-bolshevik rabid russians, the more uncontrolled and ferocious they become.

Facts used from: gazeta.ru