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In the era of pleasure worshiping, overconsumption and “fun” comedy lifestyle vigilantism becomes something foreign to civilized West and resembles more a good old legend rather than real life. Civilians consider that professionals must do the job while they are having fun, and professionals think that there is no danger, but plenty of fun for them. The outcome is predictable.

While West is getting corrupted by political correctness, perversion praising and russophilia, Russia preserves its essence: obsessed with world domination ambitions and never-ending hunger for others’ land and wealth, controlled by thug KGB dictator, powered by colossal horde of mindless slave orcs that voluntary restored the USSR and gave up their freedom for “stability” and “greatness”.

Everyone knows what happened in U.S.A at summer 2010, when a whole pack of russian loser spies was arrested. But the particular details are known not so wide.

Considering them, events of this“spy scandal” look like cheap comedy scenario written by some junkie. Nationwide glorifying of failed “spies” in Russia, “unexpected” success of putin’s whore Chapman who became a top celebrity after her disgraceful failure, praising of her loser colleagues by drunk russian horde; humiliation of West and its bowing down in front of commies, including Putin’s “hot” KGB slut.

Even the best weapons, technologies and equipment are useless if controlled by politically correct weaklings. There is a thing much more important than army and counterintelligence: everybody’s vigilance brought about by common sense. Not the professionalism of small trained elite squads who are paid for their work, but that elementary feeling which makes an every adult human the master of his (her) own life, contrary to socialist everchildish sheeple who think there is a mighty and clever state to care for them and keep them safe.

But all those reasonable minds are suffering severe attack from commie-ridden “progressive” mass media and worldwide “russia today” propaganda from KGB Lubyanka. Hordes of lackeys and their followers are spitting mad at any reasonable opinion they label “racist”, “ignorant”, “retrograde”, “redneck”, “Cold War” et cetera. (Like in this article which caused a nationwide uproar of homophiles). On the other side, there are unlimited supplies of fun (much more than human being is able to consume even if having it 24/7) and naivety that became stupidity.

Most of so-called “civilized” people think just like far not the cleverest of children: “If I hide my head I don’t see the danger, cause it exists no more. If this man is smiling and giving me a candy, he means no harm.” And when (or better to say, IF) such children live to grow up, this transforms into something like:

“If our dear president Obama pressed big cool reset button (chancellor Merkel came out buddy-buddy) together with russian president, cold war is over and we can be good friends”.

The same way they are thinking about neo-soviet russian nation that is covering its monstrous face under cheap mask and 3-colored flag instead of red one.

“I have russian neighbors which are good people, but they are voting for Putin and this confuses me a bit” (about russian elections and voting abroad).

“We don’t know what is between our governments, but for us you will remain friends for ever” (after spy scandal that was said to arrested agents by some neighbors).

Just a couple of quotes common those days – a true embodiment of modern Western stupidity. Even in Siberian gulag, owners of such opinions will wonder “how to explain to those kind-hearted russian people they did a mistake”. The Siberian grounds have plenty of graves where the bones of russian admirers were left to rot with no dignity or name to remember – but someone apparently hasn’t enough brains to learn.

It’s hard to imagine the better gift for russian spies, who are already acting in large hoodlum gangs without any fear to be arrested. Turning of citizens into stupid, mindless, submissive and ignorant pleasure-addicted crowd all over the West can be beneficial to only one political force, whose filthy heart is located behind the bloody walls of kremlin, with its corrupt brain residing in Lybuanka.

You can read in other articles (Suicidal exercises, Achtung: scheisser) or see in the videos what russian army really is. Even those ruskies know they’ll never win a direct military challenge against the West.

But they adopted a new weapon, much more powerful and destructive than their rusty soviet-era nukes (which now don’t have a chance against defensive systems and laser cannons).

Pulling the strings of their neo-socialist (democratic, green, progressive, conservative – they can be of every ideology) political puppets in many countries, Russia brings its eternal plan of world domination into action. By cultivating myths about “kind and warm-hearted Christian nation” and end of Cold War, by providing help to all kinds of scum from aggressive homosexuals to local commies, by enforcing positions of red lackeys (like Obama, Merkel and Berlusconi) who tie up the remaining vigilantes with political and financial troubles, by sponsoring degradation and destruction of traditional values, russians are charging towards the “new world revolution”, openly destroying those who still stand up against them, thinking they are untouchable. And those bastards are right here: nobody interfered when they killed all the government and President of Poland in the same place where Poles were murdered by filthy chekist ancestors of modern russians.

But there is no invulnerable power.

Red commissars were running away in panic in 1941, when armored fist of Wehrmacht smashed into rotten soviet flesh. Their “Steel monsters” IS-2 were burning all over the Germany even in 1945. Red dictators were overthrown by the brave and bold nation of Hungary in 1956. And in 1994, their glorious army was walloped by small groups of Chechen insurgents who continue the fight even now.

In all those episodes, russians relied only on in near-infinite quantities of cannon fodder and international corrupt politics. Sad to say, but this brought its results – especially the second thing mentioned.

Nevertheless, even those tragic events of History showed to all free and courageous people that reds are not invincible and their satanic power is far not something mystical and sacred (like their pseudo-Orthodox KGB activists adore to bark). Victory in WW2, which they turned into cult and myth, was guaranteed by sold out Western politicians who put their own nations and entire world under the red threat just because of personal affairs.

Now, the story gets to its logical end: russian red brute who was continually promoted more than 70 years ago, returns to its congenital idea of world domination, biting off the hand that once fed him. Not without a help of corrupted politicians again, but this is another story. There will be no more chance for U.S.A to feed Europe to russians, therefore avoiding the direct conflict, cause meek and sissy Europe already became russian-controlled confederation and target of reds is now United States themselves.

The outcome of ongoing resistance can be determined at the battlefield as well as during elections and “peaceful” protests that are going to be not too peaceful with all the corruption already done to West. But the more silence around critical issues is growing, the more freedom russians are getting for their destructive actions and the harder it will be to stop the horde.

Those who fight against the red nightmare can be completely different personalities of different cultures, religions and ideologies, but three things always unite them.




With Persistence, one is able to battle through numerous waves of red attacks, while reds are looking forward to intimidate opponents with amount of their horde. Knowledge gives no other way than true one, leaving no chance for deceitful corruption of political correctness and russophilia. But the most important is Vigilance, which unites those features together with personal talents and abilities, turning a common man into the skilled warrior, who is able to recognize enemies at sight even before they enter his land to do more harm.

This is the last and ultimate obstacle on the way of eternal commies to world domination. The feature which does not allow its owners to be turned into disarmed helpless sheeple, whose fate is in hands of barbaric conquerors and sold out russian henchmen.

That’s why it suffers such an indignant condemning from so many sources in all variety of forms – but with just one goal, which is planned by someone too familiar to be unknown, with bloody hammer and sickle behind his back, dictator’s corpse in his mausoleum and red stars glowing above.