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When money are being spent the stupid way, they are called wasted.

But there is even more stupid way to get rid of wealth than just waste it for something useless or feed the furnace with dollars.

It is giving money to russians. No matter under which slogans this is being done, politics, charity or “development of democracy”, the amount of harm which such actions do is hard to overestimate.

While society gets obsessed with economy of resources, bunch of either sold out or brainless bastards allows themselves to feed the enemy, which poses a threat to all civilized humanity.

In particular, I am speaking about USAID (sponsored by NED, IRI and NDI) deeds in Russia. Direct financial support of USAID to neo-soviet “edinaya rossija (united Russia)” party of KGB dictator and their programs. This was revealed under recent wave of neo-soviet repressions, when russians decided to cease activity of certain foreign organizations and kicked out their supporters. USAID was giving grants not only to human right hypocrites and opposition (so they had been able to work as punching bags for police brutes more than usually) but to ones whose plans are destroy entire civilized West.

To the party which started nationwide repressions against independent youths in 2008.

The party which glorifies communism and has Stalin as example of leader.

The party which leader is KGB criminal and members are either dirty thugs or filthy vile lackeys.

So, the final was quite simple to predict. History showed more than once that russians have no slightest moral or business rules, and red brute can always turn around to whomp its ass-kissers when it gets enraged by something or just without reason. But with extraordinary strong masochistic self-hypnosis and damn trendy stupidity (without speaking about role of kremlin mercenaries in all this) there are quite lot of dummies who truly believe in things like “russian democracy” and “russian justice”.

And when those USAID dummies were recently kicked by chekist boot out of the neo-soviet union, they were begging red brutes to stay in Russia and continue promoting of their subhuman country or at least end up the activity in more smooth scenario. All those intentions met the same end.

As an engineer, I can give examples of similar unbounded stupidity in areas which to my specialty connected with more than politics.

Yesterday, bunch of russian Skolkovo drunkards gathered together with Western dummies in International Discussion Center during the event organized under slogan of “independent” russian Global Energy Prize. How it is independent, one can easily see from list of it sponsors (“gazprom”, FGC UES, “surgutneftegaz”) and personal interest of russian dictator in the event.

This time, it included discussion of “perpetual motion innovation”.

Thing which had been proven impossible to create long time ago. Since that time, no self-respecting international and local organizations issue “perpetuum mobile” patents. With the same success russians could’ve proved that the Earth is a cube which rotates around the Moon. But the event was promoted by untermensch dictator himself (who is most possible “re-invented” innovation during one of hangovers) and one should see what russian scientists do when KGB orders them something. No matter which degrees they have, circus dogs may envy tricks of russian academics and professors who behave themselves as tzars, but running like jet-propelled being ordered “Fetch!” “Bark at him!” “Lick my boots!” etc. by chekist thug. History has many bright examples of this too – the most known is ban of genetics in communist’ lair.

So, lackeys of russian dictator (Jores Alferov, Denis Kovalevich, Evgeniy Velikhov and others) gathered to follow his mad orders.

The worst thing that there were not only russians, but their worshippers also: R.J. Allam, Brian Spaulding, Jeffrey Hewitt, Clement Bowman, L.J. Koch and others. Even if they were not agreed with idea of perpetuum mobile, the mere participating in such events and taking an award from bloody hands of russian dictator is a shame which can’t be washed off.

Skolkovo, being a factory of fake scientists and neo-chekists, was sponsored by Western organizations for a long time. Loads of money were going there to become personal wealth of small-time tzars and KGB scum, but Western dummies believed each and every word of neo-soviet propaganda of Putin’s puppet Medvedev about “innovations” and “development”. Now they believe in heresy about perpetual motion possibility.

As well as political dummies believe in russian democracy.

What else can be expected from those who place gay pervert rights or being totally clear, their ass’ preferences in front of everything, including national security and their own dignity? Or those who choose someone to be a first person of nation, just because he is “fun” and looks like jester (read more about this further). There is a rule which is hard to unnoticed: each and every politically correct dummkopf is a diehard russophile, who may criticize russian politics for showoff intolerance to perverts, but have manic addiction to nation of eternal commies.

By the way, anti-homosexual policy is farce as everything russians do, and their dictator is true embodiment of this, covering his pedophilia under machismo mask. But political dummies are unable to realize even more evident things in their own countries.

If Obama wins, nothing will stop his weakness-obsessed, submission-addicted horde to help Russia set up its unholy dictatorship everywhere. And pro-gay russian addicted obamists should prepare for Gulag together with russophiles. Well, this will be at least one advantage for them: nobody will bother them here with people of opposite sex and gun rights, and they will be submissive to russians until end of their miserable existence.

P.S. After preparing main text of this article, I saw quite uncommon remark about Obama’s personality. While obamists were in the middle of worshipping ritual, Ann Coulter, well known by her non-conformist position, called their beloved Obama “a retard”. One should see what a hullabaloo it caused! Especially, how obamists showed their true intentions without hypocrisy about “freedom” and “democracy”.

But Miss. Coulter is likely to see only one half of problem, mixing up two terms: “retard” and “leader of retards”. Obama is not as stupid as he seems to be, especially with his strong kremlin ties which determine all of his actions. But those who support his policy without paying attention to more than strange russophilia, are definitely not masters of wits.