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I never trusted a single word of so-called “russian opposition”, human right activists and white-ribbon herd in Russia. Being completely not russian, I once saw their methods from inside enough to understand their essence of eternal bolsheviks. Whatever idea russians support, it is an ideology of failed dictators who are trying to take a place of present one or some perverted BIG lie (or all together). Some cover their dictator intentions, while others even don’t care. But all of them are using mindless horde of russian slaves to achieve their goals.

Like one named Alexey Navalny. Praised by russian “liberals” and “democrats” (who have nothing common with Western points of view named by those words), it become into a kind of world political celebrity, while Western dummies begun to repeat slogans of their russian colleagues without giving a damn to evident facts.

Here are a couple of Navalny’s quotes which are showing the truth about the “anti-corruption” activist.

First one is about 2008 occupation war against Georgia:

“Russia must take at least the following measures:

1)      Provide a serious military and financial support to SO and Abkhazia (In such amount which Abkhazia is ready to participate in the war in SO).

2)      Declare SO as flight-restricted zone and destroy all aircrafts which will come inside it at sight.

3)      Declare a full embargo against Georgia. Stop all connections with it.

4)      Deport all citizens of Georgia who are in Russia now.

Further actions must be according to situation, but we should take into ourselves’ consideration that though we want to smash a cruise missile right on the rodents’ headquarters, but they’re just waiting for it.”

A second quote shows the opinion of Navalny about criminal dictator Putin:

“It would had been possible to create such a system, where a normal newly elected president of Russian Federation had a warranty of personal security to Putin and his family. We all want this reform to be not some kind of Orange Revolution. We want no burning cars on the streets. Not 2 men, but 140 millions want this”.

How stupid one must be to support this lies-barking whelp of kremlin? But in Russia, there is more than enough of that kind who are ready to work as punching bags for their KGB-FSB fake “leader”. What’s worse, in civilized world there are plenty of dummkopfen who are glorifying this scum.

With the fact that those leaders get not a single scratch after arrests (while their dim-witted supporters are butchered and brutalized) it becomes evident that such things are going not without ties with kremlin lair.

Another story here is about leader of “Left front” Sergey Udaltsov. Well, with his open commie essence everything is clear; but recently there emerged one fact which shows the proof of eternal russian bolshevism once more…

New political figures in Russia are not as new as it is considered to be. Putin, Navalny, Udaltsov – all of them are progeny of eternal bolshevik scum or diehard supporters of their predatory ideas, covered by fake mask of pseudo-democracy.

During one of recent dogfights between russian winner and loser dictators, it was revealed that great-grandmother of Udaltsov was a typical beastial creature, one of “red terror” activists. A creature which is hard to imagine for civilized mind, bloody red unterfrau, who destroyed 120000 “enemies of nation” by her own under the code name “Zemlyachka” (fellow countrywoman) . Remains of red butcheress Udaltsova-Zalkind are buried in kremlin wall with “honor”, and russian untermensch worshippers named a street in Moscow after her (Thanks to ipvnews.org for this information).

It doesn’t matter whatever ideology russians choose – “united russia”, “other russia”, commie, nationalist or whatsoever. Even ones of them who adhere to contrary ideologies are as similar as object to its mirror image. When the hammer-and-sickle bolshevik brute is looking into the mirror, on the other side can be nothing more than bolshevik brute with sickle-and-hammer. But Western world got too politically correct and russian-addicted to realize this, as well as many other evident and critical facts.