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Each and every crime of unholy russian untermenschen, both of past and present is being covered with nightmare shroud of lies. Through decades, bolshevik criminal methods of historical forgery and falsifications remain unchanged. Destroying opponents with brutality hardly imaginable by civilized mind, afterwards they proclaim things completely opposite to reality without even caring about evidence, being completely sure that everyone will believe then just because they are dirty bolshevik scum with nuclear weapons.

Murder of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his Government was not the exclusion. At 30th of October a new fact (though there is already more than enough of evidence) was revealed: experts found traces of explosives at the place of crash. The information was confirmed by General Prosecutor of Poland, Andzej Seremet.

But russian criminals in response to this claimed that explosives are the ones which remained in the soil from WW2 battles. “The explosives in the accident area are from non-detonated ammo which remained here since WW2, when there were heavy battles in Smolensk area”.

Only russian subhuman drunk with cheap counterfeit vodka can believe this commie bulls##t. Or some politically correct dummy, who considers that russians are always right because they are red-faced drunk Eastern savage bolshevik brutes.

For politically correct dummkopfen only. If you are such a diehard russophile that you do not believe me or ipvnews.org, go and look at your favourite untermenschen which are showing their “king and friendly nature” here.

Source: ipvnews.org