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The outcome of 2012 American elections is the worst event that could’ve happened in modern Western politics.

With using stupid brainwashing and brain-preparing propaganda as well as tricks which he was taught by his russian masters (from distracting nation’s attention to blunt boorishness), henchman of neo-bolshevik unholy regime succeeded in continuation of his corrupted reign upon the country which once was the stronghold of anti-communism and hope to many civilized nations in their struggle against russian world domination intentions.

To complete a new training course in serving more hard to russian untermenschen, Obama will make a visit to his red comrades in Moscow as soon as possible.

If his plans to “be more flexible”  (for twisting according to russians’ will) could’ve been stopped at sight in the case of Romney’s victory, now it will require much more efforts and the outcome will be still uncertain.

Obama, Clinton, Merkel, Berlusconi, Komorowski, Ivanishvili and other political russophiles – all those puppets of Kremlin are providing help to neo-soviet horde better than elite squad of intelligence agents by forcefully turning once great and proud independent nations of their countries into meek and mindless herd, which is unable to gather any serious resistance against horde of red neo-bolshevik brutes which are about to rush towards West, following their predatory lust of destruction, murder, rape, looting and brutality.

Wherever the russophiles are making their foul deeds, all their methods are similar to each other with a resemblance that is hard to miss.

Support for all kinds of scum and lowlife parasites with simultaneous oppression of middle class and qualified specialists, gun bans, promotion of homosexual perverts as superior class of society, destruction of traditions and national dignity, war against religion, corrupted anti-justice on ethnicity basis, perverted “tolerasty” and brutal persecution of those who do not agree with those suicidal policies.

Of course with mandatory mawkish politically correct smiles and hidden baseball bats for the case if smiles won’t work.

Petty indignant hypocrisy of “tolerasts” who are hopping mad about things like how russian brutes treat homosexuals or how they spit on human rights is nothing more than a cheap small-time farce for satisfying their dummies henchmen. The only thing that political russophiles care about is pleasure of eternal bolshevik brute.

Their motivations can be different – from treason to imbecile stupidity, but the end is always one and only.

But even if the entire world will go down in red chaos of neo-communist russian occupation, resistance must be. When the hope is dead, dignity still lives. Knowing what russian nightmare is, I won’t let those red bastards a pleasure to get me alive. Bloody bolshevik occupants will come far not to home where everyone is a meek and patient slave, and duty of all free people is to prove it with giving to neo-commies a real Hell.

Trotz alledem.