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After invention of the new russian armor flagman – panzerscheisser, eternal commies remembered their past, when luxury cars for their dictators were made in USSR (with traditional copying or theft of foreign design).

Contrary to civilized countries where governments and law enforcement are using just special modifications of common cars, russian dictators always were riding unique models built with completely different technology than ones for common cattle.

While russian slaves were making durable and powerful limousines for their masters, for themselves they had something that looked like more bunch of loose-joint parts than a car. Inspection of each new-bought russian automobile with tightening of all joints and deep adjustment of controls is mandatory even now. Those who neglect it will seed the road with parts already on the first way home. But that is already a digression.

Recently was announced that the “rote unterfuhrerwagen” for neo-bolshevik dictator Putin is ready and undergoing factory tests. With the beginning of its development in 2010, the entire production was going at ZiL factory – the main russian manufacturer of luxury cars since the epoch of dictator Stalin.

When this murderous bolshevik ruled the USSR, this factory was named ZiS (“zavod imeni Stalina” – “The factory named after the Stalin”). After the death of bloody tyrant, it was hastily renamed into  ZiL, (“imeni Lihacheva”). That’s why ZiS-110 limo was succeeded by ZiL-111. The same story happened at GAZ once named after war criminal Molotov but quickly re-branded when he was kicked off to Mongolia by a new soviet dictator Khrushev. Soon the factory staff likely will be preparing new badges and advertisement with “ZiP” abbreviations.

Total costs of this project are € 1,000,000,000 (one milliard). It’s more than enough to create the blueprints from scratch and start the production of completely new tank, missile or even spacecraft – for civilized people.

But not for eternal bolsheviks, which have so corrupt mentality that even creation of limo for their red dictator is larded by traditional theft, forgery and bribing that took far not the smallest part of this milliard. The same way it was in Skolkovo, during construction of ring roads (which turned out more expensive than Hadron Collider) and in each and every event where russians are involved into.

Those red slaves are not even ashamed to speak about this disgrace. Indeed, they found it a reason for boasting, as well as bragging with cannon fodder brainless war strategy or filthy dirt where they live worse than cattle. Eternal russian bolsheviks are the reliable and endless supply of mindless slave power for any will of dictator brute. Whatever he will be intended to do, drunken roar of brainless untermensch horde will always support his most perverted plans with their own slave cannon fodder.

Source of information: ipvnews.org.